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Are All Aliens Demonic?

Are all aliens demonic? Recently I have heard this theory being presented quite often and I have tried to draw a conclusion in my own mind as to where this line of thinking is coming from. I believe that thinking all aliens are demonic is like believing all people on earth are evil. Doesn't it stand to reason that if there is a demonic host, there is also a heavenly one? Why would God leave us with no alternative other than to helplessly look on as a group of technologically advanced aliens victimize us?

 There has been a saturation in the media of aliens being portrayed as evil; out to destroy humans. Because television programs, commercials, magazines ads and movies etc. present aliens as negative, should we believe it? 

 I have also heard the idea that bad aliens are "fallen angels". Abduction reports indicate that aliens have had sexual contact with humans. Is this why they are being linked to those reported in the bible as the sons of God who mated with the daughters of men? Isn't it true that only one third of the angels fell? If so, then who and where are the other two thirds? Could the remaining two thirds be benevolent?

 Are we labeling all aliens as demonic because it is something that we do not have a thorough understanding of yet?  Do we automatically place a bad connotation on something unknown? Or can we accept things on faith that there may be good aliens too? I cannot look up into the night sky without realizing there are friendlys as well as non-friendlys out there. The on-going contact that I have had has been with spiritually advanced benevolent aliens. I know the friendly, benevolent aliens patrol the sky just outside of our atmosphere keeping a watchful eye on us.

 What do you see when you look up there: good, evil, both or neither? Personally, I believe there are both and prefer to (and do) associate only with the good benevolent ones.

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