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News reports of atrocities committed in Kosovo graphically illustrate the horror of retaliation and the opposite of compassion. Two recent individuals, who acted on their love and compassion for the plight of others, were Mother Theresa and Princess Diana. One focused on the neglected and unwanted in society, the other on the innocent victims of land mines. They expected nothing for themselves and sought to minimize the suffering of total strangers. They were consistent in their efforts and the world was amazed.

Contrasting articles in newspapers about y2k present scenarios from just a bump in the road to the total collapse of society as we know it. Y2K presents us with an opportunity to practice compassion. Are we going to help others or shut the world out? I believe we will have a chance to demonstrate, by our actions, the meaning of compassion. 

My alien friends have reaffirmed that God gave everyone the ability to figure out right from wrong. Though we all have this ability (instincts), many people do not listen to it. With the daily barrage of advertisers telling us, "you deserve a break today", and "just do it", it is very easy to get lost in a materialistic maze. I get a warm feeling inside over stories of dramatic rescues but none over the accumulation of material wealth.

I find it difficult to show compassion to someone who is personally attacking me, however I must remember to love the person and not their actions. Maybe that person is looking for just one kind word or action which would break the cycle of aggression. We may never know if we are the light in someone's' darkness but that does not excuse us from trying.  Loving others enough to put them first is true compassion. 

If you have a hard time accepting thanks, then an anonymous act of kindness could work. The trick is to find ways to practice compassion without calling attention to yourself. One morning I observed that by giving myself ten extra minutes to get to work, I did not drive aggressively. I enjoyed the morning light show and was not bothered by the passing vehicles. Holding the door open for parents whose arms are full of infant diaper bag and toddler puts a smile in my heart. 

If we all tried, maybe we could make compassion contagious. Now that's a thought!

Heart Light (Russ)

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