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Freewill and the Law of Non-Interference

Freewill, the Creators gift to human kind, can be a celebration of joy and inspiration or the burden of sadness and loneliness. It is our choice whether we help others or grab all we can for ourselves. I have found most of my choices involve others, and their actions determine what I choose. An example is Coke or Pepsi, soup or salad, which is an easy choice. But life is more complex. We can choose love or hatred. We can decide to be a barrier to hate and choose to bear hope to others, however first we will need to accept responsibility for all our thoughts, words and actions.
My extraterrestrial contacts have repeatedly told me to "know your strengths, your weaknesses…know who you are." This has proven to be valuable advice. I am aware of "hot button" issues and the tendency to follow the crowd on many issues which I haven't done research on. This has proven to be awkward because it can give the impression of support which may not be totally true. Deception is very subtle and likes to appear as good.

It has become accepted in the UFO community that abductions are a 'bad trip', no pun intended. And yet we hear people ask about how to call a UFO in, or how to meet an alien. Are they serious? First I would want to know how to determine if they are the good aliens or the not-so-good aliens. This is a sobering thought. The "Prime Directive" of the television series Star Trek is not just a good idea; it has been modeled after a similar Universal Law of Non-Interference. Before asking for contact it might be good to determine why you think you want it. If contact were instead a really bad abduction, what recourse would you have? Where would you go for help if traumatized? Who would believe you? Reading abduction accounts shows how unpleasant it can be. Movies like Interrupted Journey or Fire In the Sky reveal the aloneness many experience afterward.

Recently abductees have begun to claim that benefits outweigh the pain, thus it must be a "good" experience. Monn has explained how the good aliens would not even reveal their presence if it might cause someone to become upset. This is following and abiding by the Law of Non-Interference. No deceptions nor lies, just staying on the high road. When we asked what effect the use of alcohol or drugs would have it was confirmed that they both lower defenses and actually invite the negative entities in.
The age-old battle between good and bad has taken a decidedly technical appearance in UFO's but it doesn't mean we have to allow others to make our choices. We can exercise our freewill and avoid interfering in others lives as our contacts interact with us.

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