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Good verses Bad Extraterrestrials

Just as there exists on the planet earth good and evil there also exists on other worlds and other dimensions, two forces; the force of good and the force of evil. Each of these forces has a leader and a purpose. Both forces are hard at work on the planet earth at this time, each for their own reasons. The force of good is truth, whereas the force of evil is shaded and deceptive. The force of evil can very easily lead someone down a path into untruths. The deceiver is more that willing to let someone think that they have a very special gift or that they have an important mission. If someone does not determine where their information is coming from they can be misled, because they have a desire or a need to be

The force of good practices love and compassion and obeys the law of non-interference.
The good extraterrestrials do not abduct people against their will, do not cause fear, and
they do not perform any type of experiments. If the good aliens are in your presence and
they sense you are experiencing any type of fear or anxiety they will immediately back away. They will not tell you what to do, what to say, or how to think. They will provide you with guidance if you have requested it and then let you make your own decisions. Because of the law of non-interference, the good aliens never take away free will, which is a God-given right to every human being. On the other hand, the bad alien groups break the rules. They ignore the law of non-interference. They abduct people against their will and they perform experiments on them. I believe the physical evidence that appears on the skin as a "scoop" mark, is performed by the negative alien groups. 

I have spent many summer nights in my backyard gazing up, awed by the beauty of the night sky. I have seen many objects and moving lights which I know were not of this world. One object was a very up-close sighting. There is no doubt in my mind that this was a craft from another world. This sighting never, in any way, frightened me. 

I have also witnessed what I know to have been unfriendly craft. What can be doneabout an unfriendly encounter or sighting? I believe that sending out the light of protection is no longer enough to resist negative encounters. What is needed are the policing of thoughts,
words and actions on a daily, full-time basis. The laws of God need to be lived, thought and spoken. Balance and meditation are also needed. If there is balance in a negative
environment you can focus better, think more clearly, and make wiser decisions about your actions.  When these things are practiced continually this is all the armor that is needed to resist a negative encounter. The only recourse against the forces of evil is to live your life in the laws of God daily.  In the meantime, the battle continues between the two forces. 
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