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New Creation and Evolution Theory

There is a new theory being discussed in the UFO community. This theory has to do with the creation of Homo Sapiens, which is the current breed of humans. It seems as though certain authorities, most of whom are speakers at UFO conferences, have solved the mystery of the missing link.

According to this new theory, man could not have possibly evolved on earth as in the Darwin Theory. Skulls and slides of skulls and skeletal structures are used to prove that there are too many missing links or jumps in our evolution that cannot be explained in Darwin's Evolutionary Theory.

The solution that the experts give is that one or many races of extraterrestrials have come to earth, over possibly millions of years, and mated with the existing species of that time period. This caused a change in our DNA, resulting in the physical and possibly mental development we currently have. This explains how we have missing links in our evolution and the sudden changes in our physical and mental structure and capacity. The theory then took a new twist when it was stated that one or more technologically advanced species of ETs created our current Homo Sapien species of humans by messing with our DNA or by creating a whole new race of humans. Theory has it that we are one big laboratory experiment and were created as slave labor by and for intellectually superior extraterrestrials.

While we do believe that our DNA was tampered with through the years by not-so-nice space travelers, we do not believe that we were created by any extraterrestrials.

As for ETs tampering with our DNA, we refer to what is, in our opinion, the greatest history book ever written…the bible. In Genesis 6:2 it is written that, "the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they choose". Does this sound like the women of earth had a choice? Genesis 6:4 says, "There were giants in those days and also after that when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men and they bore children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

We believe that there were original-born earthlings and that various space travelers from many different planets seeded earth. This caused the different ethnic colors and cultures. We also believe that there were many Adams and Eves due to this seeding. In Genesis 4:14 after God punishes Cain for killing his brother Abel, Cain says to God "Behold thou hast driven me out this day from the face of the earth; and it shall come to pass that everyone that findeth me shall slay me". Who is "everyone" and where did they come from?

We believe ETs may have changed our DNA, but we do not believe they created us. In the future, we believe one or more alien nations may step forward to make the claim of creating us for the purpose of intimidation, control and possibly forced enslavement. They could even pull some pretty impressive "proof" out of their bag of magick such as a hologram of Christ's crucifixion as proof of how they created religion as a means of keeping us in line… but don't you believe it.
We believe that the job of creation belongs to God and God alone. According to the King James Version of the Bible, Genesis 2:7 states, "The Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life: and man became a living soul". The key word, besides God, is soul. It is our belief that the soul is an energy spark of God that can neither be created nor destroyed unless God chooses to do so. We feel that the soul is the sum total of each individual and does not die with the death of the body, but takes it's original form once it has shed the casing of the body. We also believe that the soul the goes through a spiritual evaluation of it's past existence, learning from it's good and bad deeds until it is the right time to reincarnate to try again. We are not saying that no one is capable of creating another being. We feel that this has already been done through cloning.

Cloning is a fatal mistake in God's eyes. Once an ET or human clones another of its species they have crossed the line and set themselves up as God. They will pay dearly for this mistake. We do not believe that a body can live long without a soul. So if scientists have cloned a human, where did the soul come from? It is old knowledge in the UFO community that soul snatching, at the instant of death, is possible and has been done by the dark forces. What may not be common knowledge is the fact that spiritually advanced souls cannot be snatched because the light that they radiate is like hot coals that cannot be touched or approached. Only evil souls may be snatched by a person with a like soul. Again, where does a cloned body receive its soul? God did not create this clone and the proof is He does not create two bodies exactly alike. Not even identical twins are identical in all features. God would not grant a soul to someone else's creation… so, who gives a clone it's soul?

We repeat… the job of creating belongs to God and God alone. Do we believe that extraterrestrials created us? No… or we would all have evil souls without spirituality and no one that is loving and compassionate would exist on earth, e.g. Mother Theresa. As for ETs tampering with our DNA by breeding with us… we can rise above the dark side that these not-so-nice space travelers bred into us by simply using the free-will choice that God gave us as His gift.

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