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Technology versus Spirituality

We have been to conferences and meetings, on the subject of aliens and UFOs, throughout the U.S. On several occasions, weve heard that technically advanced aliens are also advanced spiritually. Its been said that if the aliens are smart enough to get here from another planet, they deserve to impose their will on us. Some people say that an alien species that is technologically advanced has the right to use humans as guinea pigs in their painful, fear-filled abductions. We've heard abductees quote their abductors as saying, "We are only doing to you what you are doing to each other", eg. rape, abduct and murder. Others yet have even liken alien abduction to our pets being taken to a veterinarian. The animal is afraid and often unwilling to go to the animal hospital even though the Veteranarian could help the animal with its problem.

So, do aliens that are more advanced than us in technology have the right to abduct people and do God knows what to them, all under the pretence of helping to advance the human race? There are a disturbing number of people who give into these abductions because they feel chosen or special to be a part of this grand plan. But whose plan is it? What is its purpose?

To me, technology deals with the head/brain and spirituality deals with the heart. I feel that spirituality is a closeness with God and not only knowing but living all of God's laws. We also believe that there are alien beings that live in balance with technology and spirituality. Our alien contact, Monn, often kids us about our archaic technology. For example, we were having a channeling session when a noisy clunky ice machine was making ice. Monn said, "You haven't perfected that yet?" Another example of their technology is their computers: they only have to think of what they are looking for and the computer pulls up the information for them. Our alien friends are very technologically advanced as well as very spiritually advanced. They follow all of God's laws including the Universal Law of Non-interference. They do not abduct, cause fear, impose their will on anyone or give people their answers. They feel that it is harmful to a person to give them all their answers without the person seeking out their own truths. Frankly, I would be very leery of anyone, be it alien or human, who claims to have all your answers.

Are all humans that are smart also loving and compassionate? Is abducting a person and performing unsolicited experiments on them a spiritual act-be it aliens or humans that are doing the abducting? Are advances in technology like mind control, weather manipulation and surveillance of society an act of spirituality or of power and control? Don't get me wrong, technology in itself is not bad as long as it is used in balance with spiriuality.

In the Love and Light of the Creator,

The Lightside UFO Study Group

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