UFO Daze - An annual gathering of UFO enthusiasts in Dundee, WI on the 3rd weekend in July.  Please browse through the pictures, personal drawings and descriptions of past sightings.

UFO Daze 2007 will be held July 21. 2007.
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UFO Daze 2000

Bonnie's UFO Daze 2000 Sighting

UFO Daze 2000, Dundee, Wisconsin, Bensons HideAway
It was a clear night; we were at Benson's Hide Away in Dundee, Wisconsin. We were sitting by Long Lake watching for UFO's. All of a sudden there was a craft that was mostly blue in color, although at times it looked many different colors. It was in the center of the lake. It was triangular in shape and it looked almost flat. It then started to rotate and tumble.

It was at this point that we realized that it was not flat but looked just like the pyramids in Egypt. They looked like onewas on top of the other with the flat bottoms together so that there was a point at the top and the bottom (like a diamond shape). The ship then started to move off to the West, rotation and tumbling at the same time. I followed it up to the tavern and across the road then I turned back to share what I had seen with the others who were present.
Above is a drawing of what I saw, I am not a good artist so please forgive the artwork. I have tried to draw it was about the size that I perceived it. 

CLICK HERE for an animation of the 2000 sighting. UFO animation by BAMSITE.com

 UFO Daze 2001

Diana's sighting UFO Daze July 21, 2001 Dundee, WI

The first of four sightings that night started a little before 10:00 pm. The first three lights (UFOs) came from the southern end of Long Lake and went north. All three were an orange-yellow color and passed on the eastern side of the lake. The second light pulsed rapidly several times and got larger when it pulsed. The third light dropped several smaller sparkler-type lights as it made it's way northward. There were several minutes between each of the three lights appearing. 

The fourth light came from the same area as the other three lights and was the same color. This fourth light had two smaller blue-green lights around it that were in constant motion. This group of lights traveled in a northward direction but on the west side of Long Lake. The lights were to the Southwest of our location and stopped and hovered for awhile. All of a sudden, there was a popping sound. Immediately, the larger orange-yellow light disappeared and two smaller orange-yellow lights fell to the ground. One blue-green light stayed in place while the other one raced to the north.

UFO Daze 2004

Kathy's UFO Daze July 17, 2004 Sightings

At dusk the crowd gathered for a sky watch.  Early on a white light appeared and hovered at the eastside of Dundee Mountain on the south end of Long Lake.  It is my estimation that the white light hovered in one position for far too long to be an airplane.  I spoke on an audio recording describing this sighting.  During that recording that the light was still in the same position for approximately ten minutes.  I believe that is too long for an airplane to hover in one position.  It then began moving very slowly to the north along the eastern shoreline.  As it did this it had alternating white and red flashing lights.  There was never an airplane noise associated with this light.  I do not believe this was an airplane due to the lack of noise and the fact that it hovered in one position on the south end of the lake before slowly traveling north.

The greater portion of the crowd left around 10:30 p.m..  I had a distinct feeling not to leave yet as I felt something might still show up.  At approximately 11:15 p.m. a white light rose above the northeastern shoreline just to the right (east) of the correctional institution and to the left (west) of a hill on that end of the lake.  The white light continued to increase its elevation.  As it approached my friend Diana said to me ”look at the green lights underneath” and she kept saying this.  I responded by saying,  “I don’t see green lights” but kept looking for them.  Shortly after this as it approached closer I saw green lights along the bottom.  At this point I got very excited as I was seeing dimension with the following light configuration: 

As the lights went overhead they appeared as follows. 

This configuration of lights continued on in a southerly direction until they disappeared out of sight below the tree line. 

I have never seen anything like this before.  After seeing video footage of this sighting I am not 100% convinced that this was a fake, neither am I 100% convinced that it was authentic.

Diana's UFO Daze 2004 Sighting

This object appeared almost due North of Benson's HideAway. Someone shouted, "Look, there's a light." or something similar to that. When I first saw the object (s), the yellowish/white light was slightly above the row of four green lights below. My first thought was that it was a saucer-shaped spacecraft. As the lights moved closer to where I was, the Yellowish/white light seemed to be farther away from the row of green lights. Then I thougt it could be a triangular-shaped spacecraft. As the lights passed almost directly overhead, the lights were in the shape of a cross. It was one of the most beautiful UFOs/spacecrafts that I have seen. Note on the fourth frame of my drawing there is a flash of light. I was not sure at the time what it was until months later when a friend of ours had his video footage analyzed. It was found that someone took a photograph using a flash. That is the flash that I saw.

The following is the a frame taken from the video footage at the time of the flash. Some people who were standing where the lights passed to the side of them and not directly overhead like happened with me, saw the lights in a 'Y'-shape that rotated slightly. The gentleman that took the film footage from which this still frame is taken, was standing 50 ft. or so behind me (West) and 10-12 feet to the South from where I was standing and where the lights passed directly overhead (heading almost due South).

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