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Channeling, Medium's, Automatic Writings, Psychics:
Who Are You Talking To?

Channeling is very popular at this time. It seems that almost everyone knows someone who is channeling or is channeling themselves. I looked in the dictionary to find out what it has to say on the following topics:

CHANNELING: (Webster's New Encyclopedic Dictionary © 1993)
A: means aiding communication or exchange (trade channels) B: to direct into or through a channel C: A way or course of thought or action (new channels of exploration)
(Webster's Dictionary of the English Language, the student edition ©1986)
A: send through or as through a channel

MEDIUM: (Webster's New Encyclopedic Dictionary © 1993) A: go-between intermediary B: a person through whom others seek to communicate with spirits of the dead.
(Webster's Dictionary of the English Language, the student edition © 1986)
1. Something in the middle 2. Means 3. Means of communication 4. mediums, communicator of the dead 5. intermediate.

AUTOMATIC WRITING: The writing of words or symbols in a language that may or may not be understood by the channel, sent through the channeler by either a spirit or a being not of the earth plane.

PSYCHIC: Someone sensitive to influences or forces supposedly exerted from beyond the natural world; a person (as a medium) apparently sensitive to nonphysical forces.

Almost from the beginning of recorded time there have been reports of people talking to the dead. It is for this reason that I will refer to mediums, psychics and automatic writing as a channel. The bible has some very informative bits of information on "familiar" spirits, psychics and the mediums who speak to them. The bible also lets you know what God thought of them. Leviticus 19:31, Deuteronomy 18:10-12, Samuel 29:3-9, Kings 21:6, 23:24, Chronicles 10:13 are only a few places in the bible that I found interesting. If anyone has any more interesting places to look in the bible on this subject please e-mail us at lightsideufo@yahoo.com

Over the past 20 years I have seen many people who claim to be channelers. I believe that there are only a few true channelers. What makes a true channeler? One who tests the entity who is coming through them, as to who they are and why they are speaking. The channeler must constantly work at staying balanced and controlling his or her ego. If the channeler has an ego problem, the entity who comes through (if you test, you will see) will be an ego oriented entity. The channeler must be a very balanced person to be able to channel an entity of high spiritual existence. Like attracts like. The channeler must maintain a high degree of character development and have a well-integrated personality, with the ability to discern who and what they are channeling. Without the balance and ability to discern whom they are channeling, they will run into difficulties eventually.

There is another type of channeler, one who channels entities that are in bodily form. This can be an alien from another planet who is alive or a spiritual entity who is in bodily form. This person's soul then leaves their body and turns it over to the entity that is to communicate by using the vocal chords of the channeler. The one communicating must make sure the body stays in a healthy state by keeping the body functioning normally. When the entity exits, the original soul comes back into it's body and again takes over control of all bodily functions.

The people who channel seldom believe they could be infiltrated by a negative entity that is either dead or alive. A channeler must be in a balanced state of mind to avoid being infiltrated. Most of the people who claim to channel say, "I am going to channel now", and in the next breath start to channel. They usually do not ask for protection from evil spirits or entities nor do they put up a shield of protection around themselves and everyone that is there with them. Thepeople in the room seldom ask for protection for the channeler or themselves. They do not understand how powerful and deceptive negative entities can be.

My question is why do these people want to talk to the dead? How can an entity who has passed away suddenly become very knowledgeable and spiritual in death when they weren't in life? Does death have the power to change someone in an instant and give him or her the ability to know what people need in their lives? Why do people believe that a discarnate can help them with their lives when the spirits probably were incapable of helping themselves when they were alive? How could anyone believe a discarnate is smarter in death than they were in life?

I often wonder if these channelers ever think they could be infiltrated by a negative entity that is alive or dead. Do these channelers realize that they should be in a balanced state of mind to avoid being infiltrated? Have they not thought about the consequences of their channeling on the people who are listening? Have they not realized that they are responsible if their channeled messages have negative effects on those who are receiving the messages? These people don't seem to realize that they are responsible when their channeled messages are false or have a negative effect on those who are receiving the messages. If you give someone information and they use it to change their lives, you may have altered their destiny in a direction that was never meant to be taken. When this happens you will pay for that interference. Many times I have heard a channeler say "anyone not of the light may not enter." A negative entity can be very deceptive and can say that they are of the light. It is up to each individual to challenge a statement like that.

TEST THE COMMUNICATOR CONSTANTLY! Are the messages compatible with religious and spiritual teachings? If not, why not? Could these beings be advanced technologically and not spiritually? Just asking if they are of the light is not enough because these spirits can lie and often do. One should not be enamoured with an entity, because it is the message and not the messenger that is important. Be leery of any entity or spirit who seems to have all the answers and is more than willing to give them to you. Beware of an entity that tells you what you should or should not do, as this interferes with your free will. If any of these things transpired in my presence, I would quickly back away.

I have come to the conclusion that I alone am responsible for myself in my choices, decisions and actions. I have learned through the years, to rely on my instincts, which has increased my discernment.

Peace be with you,
Beacon Light

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