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Witchcraft: Good or Evil

Recently I have seen two movies on the subject of witchcraft: The Craft and Practical Magic. This subject has come up several times lately, even at work. I have heard people say that they know a white witch and still others say that this witchcraft is nothing to mess with.

Since then I have done some thinking about witchcraft. I believe that, like in the Star Wars movies, the Force or Power is God and is given freely to all. Now, what each one does with this Power is his or her free-will choice and will determine which path they will follow. I believe at one time this force was one until Lucifer rebelled.

One could use this Force to serve others, spreading love and light or one could use this Force to serve self, to manipulate people and situations for one's own gain. I believe the latter is what witchcraft (black and white magic) is about. By casting spells on people a witch/sorcerer interferes with that individuals God-given right to make their own choices. Anyone that attempts to interfere in someone's free-will choice is not from the good side. Are they unwittingly tapping into the forces of evil and darkness (absence of light) due to the fact that they are not calling on the Creator? I believe this issue is either black or white-one is either for the Creator or against Him. There are no gray areas. I read on a sign once: There is only black and white-the gray areas are created by man to justify his/her actions.

In the movie Practical Magic, witches are portrayed by beautiful, likeable women. In one scene, an investigator told one of the witches that some of the townspeople thought that they were Satan/devil worshippers. The witch responds by saying, "There is no Satan in the craft". Well, if beautiful actors who portray witches say there's no Satan in the craft, should we all believe it? Is there evil in manipulating others? Are people being deceived into thinking there is nothing wrong with witchcraft/black magic because others say it's OK? Are a person's "I wants"; their strong desire for fame, fortune, material possessions, power etc., a weakness that the dark side will use to lure them into it's deadly trap?

In conclusion, I feel that all people have the use of the Force given to them by the Heavenly Creator. Many people think they can stay in the "gray" area, straddling the fence on the issue of whom they serve. Because I believe that there is only black or white, light or darkness, God or Lucifer, I feel that witchcraft can be dangerous for a person's soul in that some people call on a force other than the Creator for help and guidance. It is my belief that if you are not calling on the Creator, you are calling on someone else who is in direct opposition to the Light.


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