Unholy Alliance
From the book
Unholy Alliance by Bonnie Meyer
Page 90

Earth Companies Implanting Employees

By July of 2006 we had read that some companies were implanting their employees and the employees were agreeing to it. We just had to ask Monn what her take was on this. She replied, "Do you know how many companies are actually implanting their employees? You would be amazed. They are very up front about this so the people do know what is happening. They like it because if they have the chip implanted in them, then they do not have to carry that stupid card all the time. Some people are looking for the ID to be implanted so they don't have to bother with a card. It is amazing the number of companies that are suggesting to people that if they were implanted, they would not have this problem. There are over a thousand companies that are now allowing their employees to have a chip implanted instead of carrying the card."

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