Unholy Alliance
From the book
Unholy Alliance by Bonnie Meyer
Pages 33-34


To our surprise in July of 2000 Monn said, "This election of yours, how would you say, is like a play, with everyone having scripts they must follow. So it's kind of fun watching. Well, the candidates don't necessarily know who will win yet, it depends on how they play ball."

Things are in a holding pattern. Don't get me wrong, things are happening but the final pawns are not in place yet. Let's just say that the leaders for the other side are not quite into position yet because one pawn must leave office first."

"Many of your powerful government keep thinking they do not have to pay for their actions. They lie to the judges, which is perjury, and don't think it is wrong. What amazes me is the number of people who say leave these people alone because they are doing a wonderful job. Most of these people would sell their soul for a moment's pleasure. What amazes me is how the polls say they are as popular as ever. But then who is taking these polls? They can be very selective in the people that are polled and this can be very deceptive. If these wrong doings go on long enough, there is usually no conviction or impeachments."

Monn went on to say, "Many of your government officials have a way of putting themselves in a position that is not good for a person in authority. The media seem to talk and talk about these situations, especially about infidelity, instead of what is going on in the world, and that is very sad. It is very, very sad that the media only go for the sensational news, but it's also what the secret government wants. The news media are more or less controlled by the secret government. They want to keep you dumb. Please keep your eyes and ears open because sometimes the news is played like a shell game. It is not what you see but what you don't see."

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