Alien Contact
From the book
Alien Contact by Bonnie Meyer
Pages 78-95

Who Are These Aliens
What Do They Look Like?

Over the years we have asked the aliens what they looked like, what their life is like and what they are doing here. We have asked a lot of questions about their ships and how they are driven. Sometimes the aliens amazed us with the responses to our questions, but sometimes the answers were very simple. They have talked to me extensively while we were face to face, but during sessions we often asked for details and verification of what I remembered of these contacts. Our questions and the channeled responses of the aliens are mainly given to you here in the third person. We felt that introducing many names could confuse the reader and make it harder to understand. We have also combined questions and alien answers in topic format for easier reading. These aliens don't generally volunteer information. If we don't know how to ask the questions we don't get answers.


Monn is the name a female alien gave us to use for her because we needed a name to call her. Both Monn and I have Surak as our birth planet, and because of this closeness she was asked to volunteer and join this mission because it was felt that the channeling would be easier between the two of us. She looks relatively human and can pass for one. Monn has come to earth several times to walk among us. She explained that it is hard for her to lower her vibration level, thus limiting her visit to a short period of time.

Every time I think of Monn I can see her standing before me. She is approximately five feet four inches tall with blond hair and eyes that are a beautiful shade of blue; I cannot think of anything on Earth that is that color. She has a well-defined figure and could not be mistaken for a male. The first time I saw Monn she had a pageboy haircut that was about shoulder length, although one time I saw her with her hair cut short and curly. I guess she is like most female humans who like to change their hairstyles every so often. Monn looks to be about twenty-three years old, although she is older than that and her species lives to be about three hundred years in our time.

Monn had been trained in the military on her home planet and at first had a hard time with our language and had someone help her learn to speak it. However, now she likes to use our slang and is happy when she gets the words in the right place. One of the things I think is fascinating is her sense of humor. She loves to laugh even when she uses the wrong word and what she says comes out sounding funny. When Monn started speaking to us, she asked that it be recorded so that we could go back and look at what was said. The very first sessions were recorded by hand into notebooks, which, I am sad to say, were lost. We then switched to tape recording the sessions. Monn often teases us about our antiquated or primitive recording equipment. It seems no matter what we try, the tape recorders often don't work properly. She did not trust our memories and wanted us to share the messages and information that she gave us with anyone who wanted to know. Sadly I have to say that this sharing has not been one of the things we have done continually nor successfully.

Monn comes from the planet Surak, which is located in the Big Dipper at approximately 10 o'clock. This planet cannot be seen with any telescope that we have at this time because of the distance from us and being in a slightly different dimension. It takes Monn 93 minutes to get to Earth from Surak. It takes longer to get out of Earth's atmosphere and into Surak's atmosphere thatn it takes for the flight. Surak is a planet much like our own; however, they do not have as much water as we do although they do have enough for their needs. The temperature is more even than on our planet Earth and they do have some mountains high enough to have snow on them.

Besides speaking through me, Monn is the shuttle pilot of a small craft, often shuttling dignitaries in need of a ride to meetings on board the Peace Ship. One of those dignitaries that she has given a ride to was the person we call Jesus the Christ. She said that He is the most wonderful person that she has ever met. It seems that He has the ability to make everyone feel as if he/she is the most important person to Him. He can speak to a great multitude of people and everyone can understand Him. She talked once about how she had sneaked into a meeting where He was speaking and everyone could understand Him without help from any translating equipment.

Monn has explained that her job is to work with us to expand our minds and raise our vibrations. This is not done with secrecy; it is accomplished with openness and love and by sending the light to all. She knew that for us to do our jobs and help mankind understand we must not have any doubt that the aliens exist. We must be bold, fully satisfied, and have full knowledge of what we are and why they are here, without any doubt. Monn says that is why she volunteered to have such close contact, so we would know that everything that we are experiencing is real.

Monn is a very loving person with a great sense of humor and enjoys laughing; I have heard her laugh and I have heard her cry. Humor is one of the things that most people who have had contact with aliens do not talk about. It seems that many of the abducting aliens do not have as many emotions as we do. Many people who have had contact with the Grays say that they have a lack of emotions. The aliens that I have had contact with have compassion; they enjoy laughing, teasing, and expressing their feelings for mankind. I can only say my meeting with the aliens has made me a better person and I have come to think of them as friends.

On board her own ship Monn wears a form hugging, two-pieced, powder blue basic uniform with short boots ending just above the ankle that are usually the same color as the uniform. The belt around her waist is the same color as the uniform with an insignia where the belt slips together.

The uniforms are made of a material that looks something like shimmering swim suit material. She has different colored uniforms, such as white, blue, silver-gold, and green, which are worn for different occasions. The dress uniform is usually white in color. It is form fitting and can have either a skirt or pants. When the aliens are off duty they can wear whatever they like such as the clothes they wear on their home planet.

Her uniform has a six-sided star
on a stand-up collar like the old Neru jackets had.
This is the symbol for the System of Love and Light.
The insignia means the Star of Light and
it is used to recognize the bearer of light.

This insignia has been used in space
a very long time even before
Israel came into being and adopted it
as their national symbol.

Monn has had two ships during the time that I have known her, and her sister Melody was with her on both of them. When I first met Monn she had a circular craft about thirty feet in diameter. In the fall of 1986 Monn, her sister Melody, her friend Derrick had a crash in a small craft that was attacked by a band of rogue beings while they were going home on leave. There were no weapons on Monn's craft so they had no way to defend themselves. During the crash Melody and Derrick were both injured. Melody left the service because of her injuries and returned to her home planet of Surak. Derrick was badly injured and at the time it was not known if he would be able to fly a craft again. I am glad to say that after his injuries healed he was able to rejoin the system of Love and Light.

Years later, while on another mission, Monn was again shot down and badly injured but had no permanent injuries. After Monn healed she was issued a new triangular shaped ship, black in color. It can seat ten plus the pilot. It is entered from the right side of the right wing towards the bottom. When I first saw the ship I noticed that there were red lights around the outside and I wondered if the lights were permanently stationed in that position. I asked her about the lights and she said, "We can change the configuration and the color of lights to make us appear like an airplane or anything else that we might want people to think it could be. This is a better way of cloaking a ship than the old one." Her new ship has one of the newest computer systems on board. Now she could answer more of our questions asked during a channeling session without going to the main computer on board the Peace Ship. Monn is very proud of her new ship because it is driven by mind power, so it is important to be balanced mentally. If you are not mentally balanced you could get in a lot of trouble real fast trying to control one of their space ships.

We found out that Monn and Derrick liked each other a lot. We asked if they would be married and she answered that they did not know because there were so many items that had to be worked out before that could happen. They seem to think marriage is more important than a lot of people do on Earth. We then asked if her species married, and she answered that they did not marry as we do, they mate for life in the presence of God. Sometimes their jobs can separate them for long periods of time and this can be hard on their relationships. It is rare but sometimes a couple drifts apart and then they can and do separate.

Monn had this to say when asked what she would be doing after she completed her mission here. "Because I was originally trained in the military service on Surak, I have to make a decision if I will stay with the system of Love and Light or go back to my home planet. I love working for the betterment of mankind, but to do so I must give up my family and stay on board ships. I would have a new home and a new family, but I can go home for visits. This is not an easy decision and must not be done lightly."

On Surak they have pets and there is an animal that is similar to our cats which has claws that can do damage to property, just as some of our cats do. They also have an animal that looks somewhat like a large but skinny cow. It has hair half way up its side that is like a lamb and on the top has curly fur about five to six inches long. The head is big and oblong, with a square chin area.

On Monn's home planet they sometimes have injuries that need treatment and even have parts of the body break down prematurely. They have something like our physicians and healers all rolled into one and these beings help when it is needed.

When Monn was asked about how they gather the information they share with us she explained that, "There is a large computer on the Peace Ship that keeps track of almost everything in this universe." She went on to say, "I have a small computer on board my shuttlecraft and when you ask questions during a channeling session we check with my computer first and if I cannot find the answer, I can link with the computer on the Peace Ship. There are always technicians there who can look up and find the information if it is available to you. If they cannot find out the information they go to the head of the department. We are then told if we can tell you the information or not."

"Over the years there have been times when I should have not given you the answers and by doing so I have gotten in trouble. This generally happens when I use my own computer. So I would rather check and make sure before I answer, because you have gotten me to answer questions and I was not suppose to answer. Then I go on report and have to wait six months before it is erased off my record. Because of my wanting to give you all your answers I have been on report a number of times."

"In the 1990's we got a much better computer and can get almost any information I want, but I still have to be careful as to what I can tell you. Because I could give you answers that might affect your vulnerability or that may jeopardize some future actions."

"That is why during some of the channeling sessions I have had to ask if I could give the information. There were times when I could answer and times when it would have been detrimental to you if I answered."

During 2003 Monn had this to say during a channeling session. "I'm glad that you all could be here at this time. I wanted to tell you a little bit more about my trip although I can't tell you a whole lot except that it lasted well over three weeks. I basically touched down on each continent on earth. I went down to listen to what the common people were saying. Because it is their thoughts and their ideas that Jesus wants to hear. So I was basically on a mission for Him. He also wanted the leaders that are highly agitated at this time to reckon to the fact that He is here. And that no matter what they do, He will win any battle or war they could start, because He has been commissioned to do so by God. And no matter who they work for, they cannot win and will not win the final battle on this planet. All they are going to do is cause misery and pain for a lot of the people of the planet. They are not listening, they think Jesus is not here at this time and they don't believe He is a messenger from God. So, we will have to wait and see what happens. But, I just wanted you to know that it is very serious at this time. So if we can get through March, we may be able to go off orange alert." (Again Monn said something that got by us, no one thought to ask more about the orange alert.) "So hopefully...say your prayers and don't let the negative side pull you off the course. We need everyone here. We need everyone who has started the mission and backed away. We need all these people to come back on to the course."

In January of 2005 Monn told us about another mission she went on, this was to our planet. She had this to say, "I visited some countries directly West of India but I cannot tell you where it was. I know what you are thinking and no I cannot give you two guesses. The countries I visited, shall we say, most of them normally dress in black flowing robes."

"I dressed also in black robes when it was necessary. I had some human looking male escorts with me for protection. My mission was to see some fairly large figureheads of these countries. In many of the countries we were not given permission to see these leaders. They did not believe who we were, so we did the only thing we could do and walked through the solid walls. When they realized that even with all their military might they couldn't protect themselves they were ready to sit down and talk."

Eric and His Ship of Peace

Eric is the individual pictured on the
Front cover of the Alien Contact book:

Alien Contact

If you remember, Eric is the being that I meet on board the Ship of Peace, which we decided to call The Peace Ship. Eric is very striking when first seen. He carries himself with great dignity and has an air of self-assurance; you cannot help but respect him. He is over seven feet tall; he is the color blue, the softest color of blue you can imagine. He has what looks somewhat like feathers on his body but it feels very soft, like down. His head has a beak instead of a mouth, which makes him look like he had an eagle's head. He has an extra long neck for the size of him, his body has no shape and there is no distinguishable waist. His arms are long for his body and at the end of his arms are hands with five appendages that have what look like talons on the tips of them. His legs are short and have no shape to them except for a bump where his knees are. He has round circles for feet and I still wonder how those small feet hold him up.

Eric is approximately 776 years of age in our years at the time of this writing, but because they have a long life span he is considered a young male in his species. His type of being don't normally wear clothes or shoes on their home planet, but sometimes they do wear coverings during space travel because of contamination. They feel that shoes and clothes separate them from nature and they don't like that.

When we asked what they eat, he said they do not eat of the flesh and seemed unable to understand how humans could eat the flesh of animals. We also asked if they have anything similar to our chicken. Eric answered, "We have nothing like your chickens and we do not eat the eggs of animals." They do eat something similar to our fruits and vegetables, including a lot of root-type plants.

We then asked if ther is a male and female of their species and he answered that biologically they have a male and female of their species, who have a way of mating that is special for them.

Eric comes from the Dog Star System, which is beyond our scientists' realm of understanding at this time. In other words, we have not discovered the planet yet. Maybe it is in another dimension and our instruments are not advanced enough to detect the planet.

Eric told us that he loves to read but their books are like a small computer, something like our I'Pod's but about the size of our paperback books. You don't have to turn the pages you just push a button to get to the next page. He told us that he loves to get his hands on our books because he enjoys the smell of the paper and ink and says they are more fun to read.

The ship has been in service for approximately 2,743 of our years and has been observing Earth for approximately 72 years, actually since 1932. Eric is the 47th captain of the ship, but this does not include the first captain who launched the ship on a dry run. Captain C-Zog was the name of the being who took the Peace Ship on its maiden voyage. If you include him, Eric would be the 48th captain. You can continue to be Captain as long as you are mentally and physically able to handle any situation that may arise for a ship of that size and importance. One of Eric's jobs is to greet the dignitaries who come on board and to make sure they have everything they need. He often tells of how he tires of this pomp and circumstance but he would not trade the job for anything. He has worked long and hard to get this position and says it is very satisfying.

The ship is approximately 40 miles across and 38 miles high. Think of it as a balloon that has been squashed a little from the top and bottom. The speed of the ship is fantastic; it has a minimum speed of one mile per hour while the maximum speed is ten times the speed of light, which is almost the speed of thought.

Eric said, "The Peace Ship is maneuvered somewhat by the mind; however, it can't be done with mental strength of one person. So it has to be programmed to more than one person, as one person can't do it all with their mental strength. It is commanded with about 75% physical activity and about 25% mental. In other words, your brain waves have to match the pattern that is imprinted in the control system or you cannot take control of the ship. Everything has to match or you cannot get the control systems to work. The Peace Ship is manned continually for 24 hours a day. We have many crew members on board who can take over, although I am the only one who can override all systems and commands with my mind. I can override any system on this craft."

Because it is operated with mind control, mental and physical stability of the captain is important. If ther is even a hint of instability, the captain can be removed by a board of fourteen or the captain can resign anytime he might feel he is no longer valuable to the ship or crew.

There are thirteen levels on the ship and over 1,200 rooms. At the top of the ship is the command center where there are three levels and each is about twenty feet in height. There is an average staff of seventeen people manning the computer boards in the command center at all times. When looking at the command center from the outside, it looks like a little bump on top because the craft is so large.

This drawing is of the second level where the officers have their private quarters:

This drawing is also on the second level but on the opposite side of the ship:

This is what I would call a small gathering place or lounge. It is a very informal area. I have attended informal meetings like our cocktail parties; except no one over indulges in drinks.

The next level is for those who have chosen to be on the path of spreading the word of the mission any place it is needed. Many of these people if they should die are reincarnated and do the same type of job again and again. This level has a total of 576 rooms, which has the capacity of housing 862 beings. Some of the crew also stays on this floor. The floors where the quarters are located are relatively short in height compared to some of the other areas.

The third level is the conference level where there are classrooms and meeting rooms. The Peace Ship was specifically made to accomodate a lot of people for meetings. There are many auditoriums on board ship. Some of these are very large and have stadium seating. A few of the rooms have tables where there are translating machines that can be put on the heads of those who cannot use telepathy. There is also something that goes to their breathing point so that they can have the correct mixture of whatever they need to breathe. I have even seen small meeting rooms where only a few people can converse in a very comfortable setting.

This is a sample of a large meeting room on The Peace Ship:

This is one type of breathing apparatus that I have seen on board The Peace Ship. I was very surprised when I saw almost the same thing on a television show.

This drawing is of a small room 20 by 50 feet:

This is used as a small class room or meeting room. There are tables and chairs facing the front with a large screen that looks like our television sets.

This little guy I met going into a lift on The Peace Ship:

Alien that I saw on board
craft about 4 1/2 feet tall

The hair on the back of my neck stood up and I had to back out of the lift. This was the only time that I sensed danger while on board the ship. His skin was kind of a pasty gray color. He had an insignia on his sleeve, with tassels hanging from it. There was a banner across his chest. His uniform was one piece.

The goal of The Peace Ship is to produce a safe area where many different aliens and cultures can come together comfortably and safely to work out any problems between races or planets. I remember going on the craft one night and realizing that the security was much greater than it had been. I asked why and got the answer that two beings made an attempt to get through the boarding area without the right paperwork. They were attempting to get to the computer area, which is located on the second level from the entry point of the ship. They wanted to cause trouble; luckily they were captured before any damage was done. Since that time security has been beefed up and now there are three types of security. There is an individual who scans a person mentally and physically, a non-invasive way of checking DNA. There is also a soul scanner. These are usually very accurate and since that time there has been no repeat of this incident.

The guest quarters are actually on one level because it is easier to keep an eye on these beings and it is easier to provide the atmosphere in the rooms that each individual might need. There are enough rooms for guests and their assistants in this area; they also can attain any food that they are accustomed to eating.

This ship belongs to no one and yet it belongs to everyone. The ship can travel to any area that is having trouble and supply help in any manner that is needed. Many planets represented on the ship do not always agree on how to solve problems but are willing to work out a compromise. Often you can hear voices rise in arguments and fists sometimes have been raised in anger. Still they work together for the betterment of everyone involved. That is why the shim is in our area now, because the planet is going through a natural process of raising its vibration level. This has happened before and will happen again. Many people believe that a pole shift or a planet coming close to earth will start this process but the aliens told us that this shift had already started in 1986. The problem is that we now have the ability to destroy the planet and ourselves. If we were to destroy the planet, it would affect everything in our Universe and the aliens do not want that to happen.

There is a large area where they make the atmosphere that is needed for all those who come on board as they don't all breathe the same mixture. Some of this equipment is miles high and wide. There are also levels for the repair and maintenance of equipment and shuttlecrafts. There are engine rooms for the movement of the ship, which also are several miles high and wide.

On one level there are streams that flow beside trees, grass, shrubs, bushes and flowers, although they don't look like ours. Very high up in that area one can actually see what looks like clouds, except the color is not the same. This actually produces what I would call rain which is then caught and used for drinking. There are small animals that run free in these areas and also some type of animals that are similar to our birds that fly. The reason for the plants and such is to help in the manufacture of oxygen and nitrogen and other compounds that I don't remember. This area also helps humans and extraterrestrial life forms to be calm and serene.

A separate level is dedicated to the growing of plants for the purpose of eating. The ship is self-contained, producing all its own food and energy needs without relying on any outside influence for its upkeep.

There is a level which we call the holo-deck because it is similar to what was on the Star Trek series. This is an area where we can go and create any situation we wish. Perhaps people/aliens are lonely for their home and family members and this area can be used to create a replica of their home world. There is also a recreation level where we can create an exercise in almost any form we wish. We can also have snow for skiing or ice-skating. This is a very popular area for the crew as they can create an area to exercise their brains.

On another level there is an area where we can shop and get supplies, however no money is exchanged as we receive credit for any work we do and then it is automatically removed from our account for any purchases that we make. In this area there are places where you can purchase food. I told the aliens about pizza and talked them into a little cafe where they can make and serve pizza. Monn explained that Bonnie insisted on the pizza and we have learned to enjoy it. However they can and do replicate something that looks and tastes like pepperoni because they use no meat from animals.

At the bottom of the craft there is an opening approximately two to three miles wide where ships can enter and there are seven docking levels where ships can be docked. It looks a lot like our boat marinas where many ships of different sizes can tie up at one time. The larger crafts stay at the bottom because of their lack of ability to maneuver, the smaller ships go to the top levels and dock. The Peace Ship docking area holds 32 shuttlecrafts in the docking bay. Most small shuttle crafts hold twelve people, a crew of two plus ten guests.

The crew works three months on and then has three months off. During their time off they can return to their home planet if they wish. Officers and those on the first level of the ship are permanently stationed there, as this is a life-long commitment. The officers also have leaves any time it is needed and they can visit any place they wish.

Most of the cleaning is automatic and done by machines. An example of this is to hang your dirty clothes in a closet and they are automatically cleaned by wave action. Boy would I like that in my home.

Eric told us that there is renovating of the ship going on all the time. It seems when we get one area done, another needs attention. The Peace Ship has a cloaking device that makes it impossible for us to see when it is in use. This is used only when necessary for the safety of everyone on board.

In 1991 an earth cat was taken to the Peace Ship and Eric explained that, "We are not allowed to keep pets, but we were allowed to keep the cat as a mascot, but can you imagine how it would be if everyone was allowed to have a pet on board a ship of this size? It would be like the 'Tribbles' show from the original Star Trek series and that could happen here. Everyone would want a pet and pretty soon we'd be over run with them. We have a hard time the way it is with air supplies, the combination of oxygen, nitrogen that people need. And the different foods that are grown to serve these people. We just can't afford that on this type of operation."

Six years later we were surprised when Eric told us that the cat had kittens. Knowing that pets were not welcome on The Peace Ship we asked how that could happen. Eric responded with, "Somebody brought a cat with them and we had babies. All of the kittens have homes elsewhere as they cannot stay here."

In 1995 Eric said, "I have visited your planet many times but I did not have my blue feathers on as that would have made it very obvious that I did not belong there."

"If I walked on the planet in my bodily form it would frighten everyone. I do however come to the surface of your planet occasionally but not in my own bodily form. I don't rent one; maybe I could just hop in one that's in a closet and not being used and come on down. (Eric says this as a joke.) I can and do however give the illusion of looking differently but it takes so much concentration that you become weak very quickly."

"Yes we can give the illusion of us looking differently and so can the dark side. They use illusion very often to fool you into believing they are someone else, sometimes even a loved one. But you can break their concentration of giving you the illusion of who they are and you can see who they really are. You do that by confusing them with antics; either by making a face or giving them orders not to do what they are doing or maybe ask them to check with their leaders to see if what they are doing is all right. First you have to realize that they are different from you, and then you can realize that they don't understand your emotions. They cannot even understand your language real well, so it wouldn't take much to confuse them."


Lea is also an alien and at first she did not have much contact with us, however, as time went on we have had more and more contact with her. She is short in stature, about five feet in height. She has very, very black, shiny, straight hair that is cut short, all one length and she tucks it behind her ears. Lea's ears are more elongated and pointed than our ears; they look somewhat similar to Spock's on Star Trek. Her skin is olive color, which makes her Greek looking. The eyes are the same color as her hair but instead of round centers round centers she has yellow pupils that go straight up and down. She is of average weight for her height. She has a nose that is quite long and narrow and full lips we would probably say are a little large for her face by Earth standards. There are four appendages on each hand that are finger like. Each is different in length, and one finger is a little offset and works much like our thumbs. Lea doesn't have fingernails and we told her how some people use them for screwdrivers, she laughed at the thought of that. She has had pizza because I suggested she try it. On board the ship she said there are more hot drinks than cold ones.

Lea's figure is straight up and down, not curvy like Monn's. For clothes she wears a robe with a hood and a sash at the waist. The robe is dark brown in color. The coverings for her feet look a lot like our summer sandals, but I don't know what material they are made of. Lea looks to be about 35 years old by our standards, although her species has an average lifespan of about 300 of our years. An accident can shorten their lifespan but they normally just go to another existence when their mission or life is over.

She does not have a home planet because she was born on board a ship in space. Right now she is stationed on a ship that is twenty-four miles across and about thirteen stories tall. This does not include the boarding and docking areas and the command center. It is smaller than the Peace Ship. The ship was constructed in space as it is easier to construct such a large object there.

The reason that she communicates with us is because Dale who is a member of our group is on loan from the Christ Command, the same command that she is in. Lea explained that the ship's commander is the being we call Jesus. "He knows all and sees all that are under His command. Let me tell you that if you are a light worker, you are known to this being. He has compassion for everyone big and small. My immediate boss is third in command on this ship; she is the top female officer. I am between the officers and the personnel and have all the problems from both sides that have to be handled. All days on our ship start with meditation and end with meditation, no matter what shift you're on or what your job is. Right now there are many commands near earth working to help the planet and humanity."

Lea says they are here because of the evolution of the planet and to keep track of things as they progress. This includes raising the vibration level of the planet and hopefully raising the vibration level of humans. The group she is with has already prepared space ships for evacuation. The ships are ready and in place to do that job. Plants and animals are already on board and waiting so that earth can be replenished if necessary.

Her main job is what we would call a psychiatrist or psychologist. When she does her work, she blends with the patient's mind and soul so she knows exactly what the problem is. In other words, nothing can be hidden from her and the job of fixing the problem is accomplished very quickly. Lea readily admits that she does not get to work with humans as often as she would like to, so she does not know much about us.

For a long time Lea had the use of a small craft for shuttling dignitaries from her command. She explained that her small ship "has a crew of seven plus myself, it could be used for evacuation of ninety-two people for only a short distance because there would be a problem with the breathing of the air. It would only be used to get people to a larger craft. My ship is quite large. It is approximately three of your stories tall. It is 120 feet across and I think you would call it a disc shaped. Some of the older ships were bell shaped but now they have a much sleeker style."

Lea's species do not marry as we do on Earth. They blend with each other because then they know everything about each other. (This is not a sex act.) When they do that they then decide if they want to spend a lifetime together. If they decide to stay together they go before God and make that commitment. They usually do not have children if they are on a mission or stationed in space because they feel it is irresponsible to have children only to go off and leave them.

She vibrates at a much faster speed than we do. That means that the pressures and gravitational pull on earth is greater than she is used to. It is very hard for her to operate on earth and she cannot stay on the planet for any length of time. Her oxygen mixture is different than ours and it is hard for her to breathe on planet earth.

Lea is a very serious person. She is all business and there is no playing around in her presence. Her job is very serious and her posture and nature reflects that. Lea has shared with us information about our Bible, their religious beliefs, our religious connection to the aliens and how all these fit together.

In 1990 Lea told us more about her job. "The job of our command is to make sure the planet gets back to the condition it was intended to be in. That is the good side of our job. The bad side is waiting around up here in space. Part of my job is to move the dignitaries of our command safely to wherever they are needed."

Much later she got a new ship that will be used in the evacuation of humans from our planet. The new ship is seven stories high and approximately 2.4 miles across. The ship can house 1,700 people on board plus crew. Because there is not enough area for food growing or regenerating ability, these people cannot stay for an extended period of time. There are 73 shuttlecraft on board which take only one pilot to run. With this ship she can come as close as 22.3 miles to the surface of our planet. As you can see, the aliens have more than one job because in space you never know where or what skill will be needed.

In September of 2001 while talking to Lea she surprised us with these statements. "My new ship is the Ship of Hope, that is what it translates into in your language." A short time later Lea quietly admitted, "I had a slight accident with the new ship I was commissioned to pilot. It wasn't a bad accident just a few bumps and bruises that's all. I bumped into the Christ Command's lead ship with my Ship of Hope. I wasn't paying attention, just thinking about how I would explain to all of you about Moses from your Bible."

"I do have to pay for the repairs on the ship out of my salary. I can pay for it because we don't have many expenses in space, but I will be wearing my brown robe for some time now; no new ones for me. We don't have money like you do. We are given something like credits for our service which we can then use to buy the things that we need."

"I would like to explain to you that when Moses came down from the mount and he saw the people worshiping idols instead of God he became angry. Just as he is very angry with what's going on in the world today. He is in the flesh form just as Jesus is and he visited Earth on, let's see ... it was December 17, 2003. He actually came to the planet and he visited the Far East, because he can blend in with the people there quite nicely. He came back very angry and gave his report to Jesus and I have not seen Jesus cry in a long time. But there were tears in His eyes as He heard the report about all the atrocities that are happening on the planet."

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