Unholy Alliance
From the book
Unholy Alliance by Bonnie Meyer
Page 86

Remote Viewing

Having heard and read about remote viewing in 1997, we asked Monn what the process is and how it is accomplished. "Remote viewing is the process of sending your mind out to wherever you want to go. A lot of people send out their minds sometimes talking to alien beings who they don't even know. Many people who are remote viewing do it with their minds and don't use their heart. When they do this they lose some of their natural insticts for survival of the soul"

"When you do it strictly in a scientific way, you lose your instincts, therefore you don't feel things. You don't back away from trouble. These people detach themselves from their emotions and their instincts, and then they have no fear. They believe this is the only way it can be done, but that is a fallacy. They are opening themselves to trouble. You don't know when something is not good for you. You do not know when to exit and you could get in trouble. So remote viewing could cause you a lot of trouble."

"Where's the heart, where's the instinct, where's the reasoning? It's all head and heart or head and ego. Many of the remote viewers look at this as all science, strictly science, and they are admonished for thinking with their heart. Using your heart and your instincts is considered unclean and not scientific, and that is very wrong."

"I have a hard time with science once in a while, but your science is different than our science. Our scientific studies are done with heart, mind and soul with the realization that whatever you do, you are responsible for."

"Most remote viewers don't ever think they're gonna get in trouble and you don't hear about the ones that do. With remote viewing your ego can get in the way and lead the viewer in the direction he would like to go; this doesn't make it as accurate as they claim it to be. Your government and big companies are using remote viewers for spying purposes. Their saying is; I had better cheat the other guy before he cheats me."

"The government has used remote viewing to monitor your meetings and others in the area. But when we come through during a channeling, we can block them. The government is sending personnel physically to monitor meetings all the time. At different times you have been monitored, but right now they're, let's see, they are one, two, three blocks south and one block west. They're in a mid-sized vehicle. Now that I have identified them they're on the move. They aren't leaving, just repositioning themselves. We like to tell on them to cause a few little problems here and there."

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