Unholy Alliance
From the book
Unholy Alliance by Bonnie Meyer
Pages 56-57

Soul Transference

From 1997 to 2006 we asked Monn about soul transference because so many people were discussing it and wondered if soul transference was being done on this planet. "Yes, there are some cases of soul transference being done specifically by the elite. They gained this technology from the bad aliens. The aliens cannot transfer their soul into a human body because genetically they cannot go from their form into a human form. The crossover puts too much of a strain on the soul. This is not perfected as of yet, and they cannot keep the soul safe in the new body, so it is not 100% perfected. This is not quite the same as rejuvenation but fairly close."

"The government has accomplished soul transference, but it has always been done at near death. What they want to do is to be able to snatch souls that are negative, when they have not yet reached training in-between lifetimes. If they have been negative in their last lifetime, they do not get the retraining needed to bring up the vibration level of their soul. So it is possible to have an army of very negative beings. Therefore, most souls who have had soul transference are of the negative type because they are easily captured near death or at death and then transferred into a waiting body."

"Souls are at different levels and it's very, very hard to comprehend. All souls are at different levels of vibrations when they die. If you are a very evil person, you have to go to a very different place where there is retraining. There you get to view the mistakes and errors you have made in your life so you can try to accomplish more in the next lifetime without falling back into your old patterns."

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