Hope Versus Negativity
Have we lost our way?

I have heard from people who have had negative thing to share or have had negative experiences with aliens, but always as if there is nothing you can do about it.

The world is going to end! The earth changes that are coming to the planet are cyclical in nature. These have happened many times over Earth's existence. This has happened many times even before man ever set foot on the planet. These are natural happenings, but did you know that as humans we can help to make these things less harsh? It is our attitude that can make a difference, by becoming more spiritual, more compassionate and realizing that we have the power to make things easier. It is a gift to mankind from the Creator of all, whatever you may wish to call Him.

It is a fact that people are being abducted by beings that are not of this planet, and it is up to each individual if they want this to continue or not. Now don't get excited and say I have tried to stop it and it has not worked because the aliens said that I agreed to have this done to me before I came here. You can always change you mind. Did they ever show you a signed contract that you made with them? Did you even ask to see the so-called contract? You have a right to see it, and if they don't produce it then they are lying to you. I have heard some people ask the abducting aliens to go their leader and see if they can actually abduct them and they did not return.

What exactly are they abducting you for, have you ever asked? How many people do they need to experiment on? They have been doing this for years, can't they get it right? Why don't they not just stop?

Why do they take sperm from human men and why do they impregnate woman on Earth, have they become so scientific that they have lost the ability to reproduce? Maybe they need us more than we need them. So why not tell them to get lost. Why should we be involved in their trying to continue their race? Maybe the Creator of all has decided that they have mucked up their race so much that it is time for them to become extinct.

Why do the aliens seem to need humans to interact with these hybrids they have produced? Maybe because they are far so off the path from the Creator that they no longer understand that everything living needs love and compassion. Do they no longer know how to do this simple act?

Why do the reptilians seem to love to hurt people and why do they enjoy sexually molesting humans? They seem to feed off the fear and terror that is produced in that situation. Would you allow another human to do this to you or anyone in your family? So why do so many people allow it to continue to happen? Many feel they have no power to stop it, and that is exactly what the aliens want you to believe, so that way they can continue what they are doing.

I have heard many people say that they have had terrible experiences while being abducted by the aliens at first, but after awhile became good experiences because the aliens shared many wonderful things with them. Many of the people I have talked to have said that they decided to continue with the experiences only on THEIR terms. This is exactly what the aliens want you to think, that you have complete control of the situation. This makes it easier for them to get you to do what they want.

I want to know why so many people who have these experiences tell me how the negative experiencer's turn into having a spiritual encounter with aliens. I have to say it is because maybe this is the only way humans can continue and feel that they are in control. I believe that they are telling the truth with their experiences, so why can't they believe me when I say I have never been taken against my will. If I am tired or do not feel like going with them all I have to say is NO and they leave me alone.

Are you one of these people who have the idea that there is nothing you can do to stop these things going on? Do you think that all of the Earth changes are negative or do you think that the alien abductions are happening and there is nothing you can do about it? This is NOT true!

There is another side to all of these things. We are strong and can have an effect on the planet and the aliens. I have to admit that is hard to control the secret government because they have no thoughts of doing what is good for the majority of the people. They are only interested in doing things to make sure they are well, in the physical sense but they are not thinking of the spiritual side.

Do you want to change the way things are going or do you want things to stay status quo? You have to make up your mind; you have to realize that you are in control of your destiny and mankind's destiny, which will also affect the planet.

There are very negative forces working on the planet at this time, and their job is to cause a smoke screen so that we cannot see the power we have. I don't mean the power to control other people with force or with wars as that is a coward's way of doing things. The aliens realize they don't have any power over you, they have power only if you think you have none.

Now is the time for all of us to meditate and become one with the Creator of all, because he has the power to keep this from happening. You also should realize that by doing drugs and alcohol you are opening up a part of your brain that lets them get into your head and make you think there is nothing you can do to help yourself.

If you think this is hogwash ask a good friend what happens to you when you do alcohol or drugs. Now don't ask the one who is doing this with you because they themselves are deceived.

If you have a friend who does these things please keep sober and clean yourself and follow their actions and I believe you will be surprised to see what goes on. They will do things that they would never think of doing while clean and/or sober. So who is in control in that situation?

I want to give you hope. Hope is often dashed at conferences and while talking in a group situation. Most people and speakers talk of the negative things that are happening or probably will happen. We need to know what is going to happen, but we also need to know that we have the power to make these things less harmful.

We need to think positively, we need to realize that there is help out in space. We need to realize that there are aliens who are watching us, ready to help if need be. These beings will not help if we don't want then to. They have been here years trying to learn about us as humans. They have even sent some of their own to earth to be born to help in the process of learning about us. If you are frightened of these positive beings, they will leave. They will not come to you if you are frightened: they will back away. They may try at a later date, to see if you are receptive but they are waiting patiently for us to recognize that they are here to help.

These beings never get any press. Why? Because that does not sell books nor does it rate time on the television or radio. What we need to do is try to get the word out that they are here and are willing to help if there is need.

These beings will help in any way they can, but we as humans have some work to do, also. Their ships vibrate at a higher vibration/rate than we do and that is one reason that we cannot go to their ships for extended periods of time. We will not be able to do that until we can match their vibration because our physical bodies would be harmed.

This is one of the reasons the grays and reptilians can take humans so easily to their ships is because they vibrate at a lower rate than humans do. They don't want you to know that, as that would give you power over them.

Each individual must decide for themselves if they want to become more spiritual, if they want the negative things that are happening to them to stop. Each person must decide if they want the planet and man to survive the coming Earth changes, the comet collisions, and planet X that is coming. If you do, then you have to ask for help. You have to ask to be shown in the right direction. Many of the ways of doing this is discussed in my book, Alien Contact: The messages they bring. These are the aliens who have talked to me and shared how to accomplish the empowerment of yourself through being spiritual.

We as a race have forgotten what power we have; we have allowed this to be taken from us. We have been beaten down by humans on Earth and the aliens who want to control us. Each person has to decide for themselves what they want. Then if you want to help, we need to connect up with each other to become stronger. We should learn to share our lights and spirituality so that we can defeat the negative things that are happening to mankind and the planet.


The Lightside UFO Study Group