Bonnie's 2000 Dundee, WI Sighting

Dundee, Wisconsin 
UFO Daze
Bensons Hide Away 

    It was a clear night; we were at Benson's Hide Away in Dundee, Wisconsin. We were sitting by Long Lake watching for UFO's. All of a sudden there was a craft that was mostly blue in color, although at times it looked many different colors. 
    It was in the center of the lake. It was triangular in shape and it looked almost flat. It then started to rotate and tumble. It was at this point that we realized that it was not flat but looked just like the pyramids in Egypt. They looked like one was on top of the other with the flat bottoms together so that there was a point at the top and the bottom (like a diamond shape).
    The ship then started to move off to the West, rotation and tumbling at the same time. I followed it up to the tavern and across the road then I turned back to share what I had seen with the others who were present.
    Above is a drawing of what I saw, I am not a good artist go please forgive the artwork. I have tried to draw it about the size that I perceived it. 

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