Graphic Recollections

The following are drawings of our ongoing dreams, visions and memories. Please note that none of us are artists; we are only trying to share with you what we recall to the best of our ability. Click on a topic for the picture and description.

Sandy stargazing with guide Russ and Bonnie see shooter upclose and personal.
Earthquake Vision- Russ Tusnami Vision-Diana
Kathy- Backyard "Shooter" Bonnie- Alien sighting #1
Kathy-helpful vision  Bonnie- Alien sighting #2
Russ - Skycycle Memory Sandy- Lecture Memories
Diana - "handball" on the Recreation Deck Kathy-Memory of wise words at the fountain
Russ - Memory of Mass Sighting in the Milky Way Bonnie - Sighting (Red Lights)
Sandy - Tornado Dream Diana- Confused Birds Dream
Russ- Drawing of one Guide Sandy- Shuttle Pilot Vision
Kathy- Soaring Eagle Sandy- Ufo Sighting
Diana- Guided trip to the outside of the New Jerusalem space craft Sandy-Vision of UFO ships that fill the sky
Kathy's Memory of her favorite place (a park) on the Peace Ship Sandy's Memory of her living quarters on the Peace Ship
Diana's Vision of a Flower made of Pearls and Gold Kathy's UFO Sighting
Jim's Memory of being in a Library onboard a Space Ship Sandy-Astral Traveling
Kathy's Dream of Nuclear Explosion Diana's Memory of being taught a Mental Exercise
Diana's 2001 Dundee Sighting Kathy's Memory of  Mass Military Helicopters
Bonnie's 2000 Dundee Sighting Diana's memory of helping a hybrid child
Kathy's Birthday Sighting  Sandy's sighting on Kathy's Birthday
Russ' Memory of a Personnel Mover Kathy's Dream of Multiple Tornadoes
Kathy's 2001 Dundee Sighting Russ and Bonnie see a stretching light
Incomplete Teleportation -Russ Arizona Sky Window- Russ
Wisconsin Sky Window - Russ Plunging Moon -Russ
Stopping a Fall -Russ Sandy's Volcano Dream
Sandy's Awakening Vision Big Hair Vision- Sandy
Crucifixion Memory- Sandy Sandy's Space Cat
Gather in the Wheat Vision- Sandy Docking Bay Memory- Russ
Kathy' UFODAZE 2004 Sighting Sandy's Shooters
Sandy's Vision during Meditation Sandy's Memory of Ice Skating onboard

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