Diana's Memory

In this memory, I recall holding  hands with and speaking to a very young hybrid alien/human child. He was listening to me and making eye contact. I was saying that we needed him to be strong and help the other children. He would blink occasionally with his large blue eyes as if he understood the importance of what I was saying to him. He had a small frame with long, thin arms and legs. His head was very large with sparse blond hair on the top.

I recall there being two evil beings that were very angry that I was there. I sensed that one was male and the other was female.  They could not enter into the protective light around the child and myself. I felt a great sense of peace when I was speaking with the child.

For several years after this dream I was confused by the fact that I was on an negative alien craft- was I abducted? I have never experienced an abduction, only contact with benevolent beings. So, what was going on? I was told that if a hybrid child wished to walk the spiritual path, they were given the opportunity to turn to the Light. It just so happened that I volunteered to help this child into the Light.

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