Kathy's  2001 Dundee, WI Sighting

This is a depiction of me observing the second of  three amber colored lights that appeared at Long Lake in Dundee, Wisconsin on July 21, 2001. Other than myself, there were approximately fifty other witness to this sighting. All three light appeared at the Southern end of the lake. The first appeared just before 10:00 pm. They all headed in a northerly direction and passed along the Eastern shoreline of the lake above the tree line. This particular light pulsed several times along it's route and got larger and brighter as it pulsed.

There was also a fourth sighting which appeared at the Southern end of the lake only a little further West than the first three lights. The fourth light was amber in color also, however, it had two smaller blue/green lights that were in constant motion around it's outer surface.

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