Kathy's UFO Daze July 17, 2004 Sightings
At dusk the crowd gathered for a sky watch.  Early on a white light appeared and hovered at the eastside of Dundee Mountain on the south end of Long Lake.  It is my estimation that the white light hovered in one position for far too long to be an airplane.  I spoke on an audio recording describing this sighting.  During that recording that the light was still in the same position for approximately ten minutes.  I believe that is too long for an airplane to hover in one position.  It then began moving very slowly to the north along the eastern shoreline.  As it did this it had alternating white and red flashing lights.  There was never an airplane noise associated with this light.  I do not believe this was an airplane due to the lack of noise and the fact that it hovered in one position on the south end of the lake before slowly traveling north.

The greater portion of the crowd left around 10:30 p.m..  I had a distinct feeling not to leave yet as I felt something might still show up.  At approximately 11:15 p.m. a white light rose above the northeastern shoreline just to the right (east) of the correctional institution and to the left (west) of a hill on that end of the lake.  The white light continued to increase its elevation.  As it approached my friend Diana said to me ”look at the green lights underneath” and she kept saying this.  I responded by saying,  “I don’t see green lights” but kept looking for them.  Shortly after this as it approached closer I saw green lights along the bottom.  At this point I got very excited as I was seeing dimension with the following light configuration: 

As the lights went overhead they appeared as follows. 

This configuration of lights continued on in a southerly direction until they disappeared out of sight below the tree line. 

I have never seen anything like this before.  After seeing video footage of this sighting I am not 100% convinced that this was a fake, neither am I 100% convinced that it was authentic.  

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