Diana's 2001 Dundee Sighting

The following is my account of the July 21, 2001 Dundee, WI sighting:
The first of four sightings that night started a little before 10:00 pm. The first three lights (UFOs) came from the southern end of Long Lake and went north. All three were an orange-yellow color and passed on the eastern side of the lake. The second light pulsed rapidly several times and got larger when it pulsed. The third light dropped several smaller sparkler-type lights as it made it's way northward. There were several minutes between each of the three lights appearing. 

The fourth light came from the same area as the other three lights and was the same color. This fourth light had two smaller blue-green lights around it that were in constant motion. This group of lights traveled in a northward direction but on the west side of Long Lake. The lights were to the Southwest of our location and stopped and hovered for awhile. All of a sudden, there was a popping sound. Immediately, the larger orange-yellow light disappeared and two smaller orange-yellow lights fell to the ground. One blue-green light stayed in place while the other one raced to the north.

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