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UFO’s…the Bible…Do they Coincide?

by Heidi Linden

Do they coincide? I cannot say for sure. The Bible clearly states not to take away from or add onto it’s Word (1 Cor. 4:6) so, I have to tread carefully.

1 Cor. 4:6 (NIV)
"Do not go beyond what is written"

So with knowing that, in combination with our interest in the Bible, plus a desire to know the Lord’s Word as best we can, and need for truth, does Scripture leave room for any guesswork? Theories?

When in doubt, I know I always go back to the original text which was in Greek and Hebrew, and see what word means what.

There are many verses that leave it open for interpretation- that UFO’s are a possibility, but, I don’t dare over step what I do not know on this subject, and I am careful with what I construe because God says in His Word this is not to be done:

2 Peter 1:20 (KJV)
Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.

There are plenty of people who don’t believe in the Bible, but believe in aliens. There are just as many who don’t believe in alien life form, but believe in God’s Word. And, there are some still, which believe in both.

My area of interest is the supernatural; the spiritual realms in which the Bible speaks of, and that which dwell within them. This includes demons, “ghosts”, human beings, and of course the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ, our God. But I couldn’t help but be intrigued by the concept of other life forms when the craze of UFO’s and alien abductions came to be. The movie “Fire in the Sky” completely fascinated me into this area of wonderment being more than a curiosity. The movie was about the disappearance of a man named Travis Walton, who went missing for days after co-workers saw what they viewed as a spacecraft “beam him up”, only to have him bizarrely reappear days later, traumatized. He swears he was taken aboard an alien spacecraft and subjected to many tests, etc… True story or not, it was enough to peak my awareness of this subject. Then there were stories my uncle had told me when he was in the Air Force. But that is where the appeal laid- just a strong curiosity in the area of unidentified flying objects and intelligent alien life form. But when others whom I respect bring it into my area of attention, the Living Bible, as well as correlation to the end times, now I begin to be more engrossed.

I cannot say for sure if UFO’s are real. I have never encountered one, or anyone who has. I have has experiences with God, though. So, one I can say for sure is real.

But I will not leave out possibilities, here…

There is a great enthrallment of UFO’s. There is a high percentage (in the 85% range) of people worldwide who believe in them. There is a large percentage that says they have experienced some type of alien encounter. Most of the world’s governments have classified documents on studies of them- we should wonder why it is so classified. It is not a surprise that the government is keeping this from us, but, as to what exactly they know that we don’t, should be the attraction. There is just too much evidence to say UFO’s don’t exist. We have to remember, UFO stands for “unidentified flying object”. Not “alien air craft”, so bare that in mind. The question should not be if they exist or not, but more so what are they?

I attribute everything back to the Creator, God. Everything. So, where does this phenomenon sit?

I feel most UFO’s can be explained (whether they have been given an explanation on record or not) with practical things such as normal air crafts, satellites, marsh gas, a reflected light from another object, plain hoaxes, and so on. Even consider government vessels in which we may or may not know about. The Stealth Bomber being one several believed to be an alien spacecraft before the 1990‘s when it was ultimately was publicized that it was indeed a government plane. But think about this: if there is even just one craft that is not human-created, then, that is confirmation there is indeed something out there in which is alien (or foreign for a better choice of words) related.

There are thousands of reliable eye witnesses and accounts with proof that they have seen and/or experienced something. Even when you take out the extremists, obsessed and not-so-sane. There are air force pilots, ex-government agents, astronauts, and so on. I won’t go on with the speculations out there of what extra-terrestrial vehicle- intergalactic life, unknown earth civilizations, interplanetary civilization, yadda-yadda-yadda. There is one viewpoint I find interesting, but again, still am not sure about. There are some who strongly believe in the Word of God, the Living Bible, and correlate these sightings with it. Their educated opinions from study in Scripture and in UFO’s, is that these beings are demonic and the anti-Christ the Bible speaks of in the end times will come in on a UFO. Sound bizarre? Let’s see…

Spirituality has been on an up rise the last few years, but that surge in public interest, borderline fad, began in the 1970’s.

Spiritually speaking, some people are expecting a spiritual messiah, but some may fare better with a technical one. Christ is who He is- the Almighty Spiritual Being- our God, our Creator, our Savior, our Father. But who will the anti Christ be? I have my own thoughts, and a page and article about UFO’s is not the place for it, but, to think about him being a benevolent creature, claiming to be a higher intelligence, being able to offer many miracles, signs and wonders with his superior intellect, who would people be in awe of? Most definitely that is possible! We have to go according to Scripture in some of the descriptions of what will happen in the end days. Some may just attribute it to UFOs.

People are curious by nature, and are also fickle, so this occurrence could easily and instantly turn into a craze and obsession for those many who are seeking an advanced acumen, without any drawbacks, such as having to change their lives in any way. Everyone wants a free ride, a quick fix, a feel-good band-aid, having to take no responsibility or action in what they have to do for this.

Could this be what will happen in the end times? First, just look at our technology and how it is enhanced and multiplies every day?! We are physical beings and live with many mechanics, within our species and way of life. So when natural disasters and famine hit, and another worldly being with answers and assistance comes, will it not be welcomed with open arms in desperation? And with our true nature of needing to lean on something/one for help, as well as that inner longing for something to worship, this does seem pretty realistic. It’s not “War of the Worlds” but more like “ET”.

Scientists and experts all around the world are discovering new species all the time- in our waters and in our soil…so why not our space? Are we too ignorant to think we are the only high intelligence in existence? Are we too conceited to feel we are the only high intellect in life? Maybe.

In closing, my personal thought is that there very well may be an alien species out there. Does Scripture talk about it? I personally don’t see it. I do not strive to know, but, it is still a thought. Could it be God-created? A type of evolution? Government generated? A demonic manipulation? A human illusion? It could be any one of these. But, in knowing the Lord Jesus Christ, we must abide by His Word and utilize our energy and studies on getting to know Him through His Word which is very much alive! No matter what the truth of their existence is, and no matter what the outcome of their part in the end days is, we must plan for the future but prepare today. We must work out our own salvation and concentrate on our spirits and souls, not other creatures lingering in our world. The truth and strength comes from within us.

This was most respectfully written.

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