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Spiritual Warfare And Truth

When a person first delves into the paranormal realm there is always the temptation of wanting to know everything a person can possibly discover as soon as possible. While this kind of enthusiasm can be very exciting, if you aren't careful it can also get you into a lot of trouble.

The paranormal world is very real and is very dangerous. Entering the world of ghosts without being spiritually prepared can get you involved with negative spirits and, believe it or not, even demons.

Heidi reminds us that the realm of the supernatural is no walk in the park. It's a combat zone. If you even dare to tread there you better make sure you first have a good link with mission control (God). She always suggests using as much reliable combat gear as you can find (passages from the Living Word).

So if the paranormal world can be so dark and dangerous why does a person have to explore it? That is the positive side of Heidi's message: you really don't have to, and she feels that we shouldn't. God offers plenty of gifts, and more importantly peace, without a journey to the edge of reality. In these end times all that will be essential is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This is more real and exciting than any paranormal experience can be and it can also give you lasting peace if supernatural forces do cross your path. More importantly, it can give you immediate peace right now if unwanted spiritual forces are currently disrupting and confusing your life.

- Jim

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