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IMPORTANT: The revelations presented here are in no way a substitution for a very personal relationship with Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit. If you haven't investigated that topic first, please do. It is essential before any of the ideas here can be fully understood in a truthful way. Why do I say this? Jesus predicts that a great deception is coming. I suspect the false jesus that is predicted by the real Jesus will use UFOs as a deception to shock people into thinking the "old" ideas about salvation no longer apply. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I've come to believe that the Bible contains a lot of information that was published long before it could be fully understood. The situation is much like giving a microwave oven to people who lived during the American Revolution. They might think it was somewhat useful even though they only understood part of its value. After all, they'd see that it was a neat durable box to put stuff in with a handle that clicks the door shut. And there's even a window in front so you can see what's in there without opening it.

But they wouldn't see the REAL value of a microwave oven until electricity was available, would they? I think there's a lot of information like that in the Bible. Modern day events such as UFO sightings and breakthroughs in technology help us "plug it in" and really see what it was designed to teach us. The book itself has been around for years, but reading it now, in the light of the current world situation, helps shed a new kind of understanding on its content.

In your journey through the following pages, I invite you to join me in taking a new look at the contents of the Bible. I'll present the evidence, you play the role of the jury. Most of all, I hope you enjoy the ride and at the very least collect some good food for thought.

Introduction from EARS Book One, The Evidence

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