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EARS: Evidence of Alien contact Revealed in Scripture

 Evidence of Alien contact Revealed in Scripture

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Spiritual Warfare Series

When a person first delves into the paranormal realm, there is always the temptation of wanting to know everything a person can possibly discover as soon as possible. Heidi Linden reminds us that the realm of the supernatural is no walk in the park. It's a combat zone.

Spiritual Warfare Series

Original EARS Articles

The "new age" concept of reincarnation has become a very controversial Biblical topic in the modern church. Many churches might even say that teaching it is equal to heresy. But what did Jesus say?
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Has anyone ever told you that ghosts don't exist because the Bible says so? Maybe you shouldn't believe every ghost story you hear.
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There are many modern accounts of UFOs. Did they exist in Biblical times? They sure did, and many detailed reports are recorded right in the text of the Bible.
Introduction to The Bible Files
Bible Files #1: Ezekiel's Wheel
Bible Files #2: Following A Cloud To Canaan
Bible Files #3: UFOs In The Life Of Christ
Bible Files #4: The New Jerusalem
Lea's Perspective
Spiritual Warfare Series

Out Of Body Experiences
Out of body experiences, or OBE's, are a popular topic in paranormal circles. Surprisingly enough, they are also mentioned in the Bible.
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Soul Physics
Don't worry, this article isn't about the same math and physics subjects that you might have dreaded in school. It's actually the result of some recent meditation and prayer in conjunction with a personal study of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount.
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For a few of the sections, I've posted information channeled from Lea. Is this method of communication really supported Biblically, or am I being deceived by the dark side into presenting messages obtained illegitimately?
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Behind The EARS
Many different people seem to assume that when I write articles for the EARS web site, I just sit down with my Bible, read passages, and logically come up with theories explaining these passages. I'm writing this specific article to hopefully show people that this isn't at all how it works.
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Other's Personal Encounters

Good Friday, Who Is That?
Another Jesus encounter story. Most accounts that I hear have Jesus appearing in a vision or a dream. Is it possible that He's actually appeared in physical form when the witness was fully awake?
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A Gift In A Dream
Kevin Sturges also had a very interesting meeting with Jesus. He shares it with us here.
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Doug's Angels
Douglas Bratley was praying for a young girl who was abducted by a serial killer. She let him know that his prayers were heard, and that they were greatly appreciated.
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Angels Are Waiting For You
Lisa Laurich lived through the tragedy of losing two children. Did Jesus comfort her personally?
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Andromeda Art
I met Matthew at UFO Daze 2006 in Dundee, Wisconsin. He told me a very fascinating story about direct contact with God and a gift from God.
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