Good Friday, Who Is That?

by Bonnie Meyer

I was working as a food demonstrator at a local grocery store on Good Friday, March 24, 1989. My job that week was to demonstrate Grammy Bears. This is a graham cracker product aimed at young children. I was working at the end of the middle frozen food isle, facing the checkouts and doorways. I was telling everyone how this product could be used in Easter baskets instead of candy.

Between one and three o'clock in the afternoon a man, or maybe I should say what looked like a man, walked past me. There was no noise as his heels touched the floor, which made it look like he was floating above the floor. He was not walking like a normal man. He moved with his face looking straight ahead, neither his shoulders nor his arms were moving. He seemed to be about a head taller than most men and walked as if he had a definite purpose. His hair was a sandy blond color, parted in the middle, wavy or draped off to the side and a little past his shoulders. The hair was very fine, soft and fluffy and bounced as he walked. Next I noticed his clothes. He had on a plaid shirt. His pants were made of jean material - they looked new and were dark blue in color. He had on a pair of boots; the toes were not pointed or squared. I felt they were boots but not cowboy boots as I could see the outline of the top of them through the legs of the jeans. The most unusual thing he had on was his coat. It was also made of denim-like material but looked new because it was also dark blue in color. The coat was floor length and quite full. There was a slit up the back that ended at his buttocks so that it looked like there were tails flowing behind. They seemed to bellow and flow behind him as he walked. There was not a wrinkle in that coat; I could not see how he could sit down and not get some wrinkles.

Another thing I noticed was that everyone was watching him just like he was absolutely spellbinding. Even the men in the store turned around and watched him. This man had no grocery items in his hands and he was not pushing a cart. I never saw his face. The first time he walked past, I thought, boy this is strange. Seldom does a man get my attention! It was if I knew this man but could not figure out how or where I met him.

He was walking from my left to right, and I kept my eyes on him until I couldn't see him anymore. After a few minutes he came from my right to the left. I had the strongest urge to look at his face. I just knew that if I could see his face I would know him. He stopped just across from my stand, but with his back toward me. I offered him some of my Grammy Bears, but he did not respond. I thought I would go over to him and offer him some bears, then he has to look at me even if only to say no. At that instant he took off walking toward the checkouts and the front doors. I wanted to follow him, but we could not leave our stands with food sitting out. He started to exit through the checkouts without stopping. I could see him heading toward the front door of the building.

All of a sudden I had to see his face and did not care if I lost my job. I put the tray of food on the bottom shelf of my stand and carefully worked my way through the checkouts as fast as I could. By the time I was at the front door I was almost running. I went out the same door that he did, looked around and could not see him. He seemed to disappear - no one could move that fast!

Later during a channeling session we asked Monn who that person was. Monn answered that it was He, Jesus the Christ, who had come to Earth to check on humans. I know that answer seems far fetched, but it made sense. Why wouldn't Christ come to Earth to see how things were going? In the same channeling session we asked if He had visited anyone else during that particular Good Friday, and Monn said, "Yes. He made three stops." A priest in Pennsylvania ws the answer. According to a report we saw in the newspaper, the priest was also visited on Good Friday. The aliens did not give us any information about the third person. We also asked Monn if anyone had recognized him and the answer was no. That was very hard to believe except that we all have a hard time just keeping our heads above water and don't seem to pay much attention to what is going on around us.

How did I get myself into this predicament? All I wanted to do was to study UFOs and try to figure out if they were real or not. Now here was this Jesus factor, and I started to wonder if God would be brought into the equation next. It was hard for me to accept the fact that maybe religion or spirituality had anything to do with UFOs. I had to put that knowledge in the back of my head and decided to wait for something else to occur that would prove or disprove what had just happened.

The above story is only one of many amazing experiences in Bonnie's life and was originally documented on pages 64-66 of her book Alien Contact. If you'd like to learn more about the very interesting path that brought her from a being a complete skeptic to an outspoken believer, check this book out. In my opinion it's the most compelling book about extraterrestrial contact that I've ever seen since I started researching the topic in 1997. It really lays out the reasons they might be here and points out that alien contact has already been made and is continuing. And I'm not just saying that because through the years, even though when I first met her I figured she must be insane, she has become a very dear friend (and now that I've grown and learned more about the topic I don't think she's crazy anymore - now I almost think that a person is crazy if they don't realize life exists outside planet earth).

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