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EARS: Evidence of Alien contact Revealed in Scripture

 Evidence of Alien contact Revealed in Scripture

Alien Contact

The Messages They Bring

by Bonnie Meyer

Many of you have enjoyed reading Lea's Perspective here on the EARS web site. The usual reaction after people read what Lea has had to offer is, "Where can we read more?" In response, I am happy to announce that Bonnie Meyer's book is now available.

Bonnie is the actual person who channels Lea. She also has a close personal relationship with other alien friends of Lea's like Monn and especially Eric (he's the big blue bird pictured on her cover). She discusses decades of information about them in her new book.

Alien Contact

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Back Cover Copy:

Prologue to Alien Contact
(found on pages 1-3)

by Bonnie Meyer

Most of the UFO stories that have been told to the public are about terrifying alien abductions. Believe me when I say that there is another side to this story that has been overlooked by the media and the publishers. I believe that there are a lot of people who have had contact without being taken against their will, probed, impregnated or traumatized by the aliens. It is time for those who have had positive contact to speak up and not be silent about their experiences. I am tired of having people tell me that I am fooling myself when I share my positive experiences with them.

Keeping this story to myself over the years has not been easy, but I knew the time was not right for me to come forward with my truth until now. To tell my story I have changed the names of some people who were part of my experiences because I no longer have contact with them. Some of the characters in my story are composites of people, with the hope that my story will be easier to comprehend. The names of most cities have also been changed to protect those people who do not want to be recognized. The order in which some of the instances occurred have been rearranged so that my growth and progress can be better understood by the reader.

I can truthfully say that I went kicking and screaming into the UFO and alien issue. After all, who in their right mind would set out to make themselves look like an oddball? It has not always been easy, but luckily I have been blessed with a wonderful husband who has always been willing to listen and not think that I am completely crazy. My husband is a very strong person, and every time I get too involved or way out of line he is not afraid to tell me to get back to reality. He is my anchor, the one who always knows when to pull me back to Earth, so to speak.

Never did I believe that I would become involved with UFOs, let alone anything spiritual or having to do with Jesus Christ, God, or, for that matter, what they stand for. The only thing I wanted to learn about UFOs was if they were real and where their ships came from. After realizing that UFOs were real, the next thing I wanted to know was who was piloting them. I came to the realization that whoever was driving them had to come from some place and I wanted to know if they were from Earth or someplace else. When I first heard about UFOs, I believed that anyone who felt that life existed anywhere but on Earth was nuts.

Over the years our home has been illegally entered many times. Some strange items were left in the house, which I think might have been done just to let me know that someone was there watching. One time someone left a pair of brown cotton garden gloves in a size smaller than either my husband or I wear. Another time a man's gray short sleeved work shirt was left on the bed. The shirt was too small for my husband to wear. There was no other male living in the house at the time. Another time I came home and found a bouquet of dead flowers on the back porch. I took that as a warning to back off from what I was doing, and I took that message to heart. For years I didn't speak in public on these topics but did keep reading and talking to people privately.

Another time I was at a meeting in a small town about sixteen miles from my home. Traveling country roads to get to a meeting was not unusual. There were not many houses, so it was a lonely ride. On this particular night I had picked up a friend in Appleton to go to the meeting, and the drive to the meeting was uneventful. After the meeting we went out to my old full-sized van, which was still in good condition, especially the engine. As we started the drive home I noticed that the generator light was on. I know that if I let my foot off the gas the engine would probably quit and I would not be able to get it started again. So whenever we came to a corner or curve in the road, one foot went to the brake and the other one went to the gas pedal. I was afraid that we would get stranded on one of those lonely country roads in the middle of nowhere; this was before the time of cell phones. I decided to go right to my house and get a car that we also had as I felt it would be safer for the rest of the trip. My house was half-way between where we were and my friend's house. When I got home to trade cars, I woke my husband up and told him what had happened and that I would be home soon.

The next morning before going to work my husband checked the van. As he came back in he was shaking his head, saying he was taking the car and not the van to work because the van was not safe to drive. The fan belt had little squares cut out of it all the way around. My husband could not understand how I got home without it breaking. Ever since then I have always wondered what would have happened if it had broken. Was someone waiting for me to have car trouble? There I go sounding paranoid, but maybe after reading the rest of my experiences it might not sound so paranoid after all.

Even with all of the surveillance and interference in my activities I know in my heart that there was a higher power watching over me, keeping me safe. I just did not realize who or what the higher power was.

More very interesting excerpts from the Alien Contact book:

Good Friday, Who Is That?

Things the Negative Aliens Are Doing: Implanting

Alien Contact: The messages they bring by Bonnie Meyer

Book Review

Alien Contact: The messages they bring takes you on the real life journey of a seemingly ordinary housewife who delves into the UFO phenomenon out of concern for a good friend whom she believes has gotten involved with a kooky bunch of people. Little does Bonnie know that her life will become, more correctly, has been for many lifetimes, involved with positive aliens.

The first part of the book deals with how Bonnie got into the field of Ufology and how she discovered that there is a difference between positive alien contact and negative alien abduction. Part Two of the book explains who the aliens are that she has had contact with for over thirty years. Also explained in this section is from where theses alien come and why they are here.

Part three of Alien Contact is dedicated to the messages the aliens have shared with Bonnie and the Lightside UFO study group over the past thirty years. Questions were asked of the aliens and their responses have been documented, compiled and now shared with the world. Topics include underwater/underground alien bases, lightworkers, government surveillance, 911 and much, much more.

At no time in history has the time been so right for the information found in this book. While governments, churches, media, etc. continue to suppress the truth, people need to search for the truth themselves.

Bonnie Meyer has since completed a second book, Unholy Alliance: A Global Deception, which goes more in depth into the world governments involvement with the negative aliens and the consequences of that involvement.

As mentioned in the above review, Bonnie Meyer's new book is now available.

Here's the link to learn more.

Alien Contact NEW! Messages from Bonnie's book "Alien Contact" are being added to Lea's Perspective:
Lea's story as told in the book Alien Contact:

Additional commentary from Lea that can be found in the book "Unholy Alliance"

Bonnie is part of The Lightside UFO Study Group. To learn more about them, please visit

I put this banner here because I honestly appreciate all their support - both physically and spiritually.

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