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The following sites have been kind enough to post links to EARS:

Thank you all!

Personal Links:

My wife and I attend Epikos Church
Stop in if you're ever near State Fair Park in Milwaukee.

The W-Files
My original paranormal web site that I first started posting in August 1997

Eventually, the UFO section of the W-Files site
Was expanded into the UFO Wisconsin web site:

When I moved on to EARS,
The W-Files site and the UFO Wisconsin site both
found their way into the kind stewardship of Noah Voss.
Noah moved forward by releasing a book that he entitled
UFO Wisconsin: A Progress Report. Here's a link:

The "Founder's Page" of the W-Files retains the original intro.

On December 7, 1997, the w-files was listed in the Fun UFO Sites section of the UFO Roundup:
UFO Roundup - Volume 2 Number 47

On July 16, 2002, UFO NEWS UK included an article I wrote about Dundee, Wisconsin:
UFO NEWS UK - Volume 1 No. 22

Recently, I have had the honor of working with
Rick Keefe of
Under Appreciated Science Productions
out of Tuscon Arizona

And Thank You to UFO Magazine for a kind review of the first EARS book:

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