Doug's Angels

by Douglas Bratley

I was praying for a little girl one time day and night who was abducted by a serial killer here in Wisconsin. I prayed for God to send angels to protect her and if she wasn't alive to be with her during her transition.

Before they found her body I woke up one night with three brilliant angels around my bed and the little girl next to me. She kneeled on the bed beside me and put her arms around me. She whispered in my ear "thank you." I can still feel her weight on the bed and her arms around me. She got down and the angel next to me took her hand and they slowly vanished. I pinched myself to make sure I was awake and believe me I was. It made me see things quite different than in the past.

It is something I will never forget. There was one angel right next to me on my left and one at each corner of the bed. They were brilliant with an incredible light, almost blinding. It took a minute for eyes to adjust. I tried to see their faces and details but could not make them out very well because they were so bright. They were wearing what looked like long flowing robes. I tried to make out facial features but couldn't see their faces very well because the light coming from their faces was so intense. The one at the left bottom corner of my bed had a beard. The one next to me I didn't even look at it's face only the clothes. At first I didn't even see the little girl until my eyes adjusted to the light. I had to squint when I tried to make out their faces the light was so bright. I thought if I drew a picture of what I saw it might help everyone. I will try and then scan it and send it in an email to everyone.

Even now when I think of it I am amazed. It was an incredible experience. What touched me so much was when this girl got up next to me and put her arms around me. She gave me a hug first and then whispered in my ear the thank you. I still remember smelling her hair. It smelled so good. A smell I had never know before and never have smelled again.

When they faded from my room I was up about another 3 hours just going over all that had happened. My heart was beating fast and I was so overcome with emotion. My mother wanted me to contact her parents and tell them but I never could bring myself to do that as of yet. I don't know why but I just couldn't confront two parents that had lost their little girl.

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