Andromeda Art

by Matthew C. O'Blenes

I met Matthew at UFO Daze 2006 in Dundee, Wisconsin. He was kind enough to provide the following summary of his paranormal experiences.
- Jim

First of all, I'd like to explain if I may how it is that remote viewing and my artwork come together. Back when I was four years old, I had an experience with drowning in a lake near Tomahawk, Wisconsin. From this experience came my first OBE (Out of Body Experience) and this intriguing moment in my life haunted me until I was eleven years old and a second spontaneous OBE occured during sleep.

I turned to many different avenues of explanation to try and find a way to understand what happened both the first time and the second time. It was then, about the age of seventeen, that I had another experience more profound that the first two. This experience came at a point in my life where, combined with the knowledge of the first two OBEs, I was better able to begin to understand all three.

This third revelation to me was a very overwhelming and humbling experience. It consisted of an OBE with what I would term to be a monotone voice that mad me feel unafraid but intrigued. This voice told me not to be afraid, and asked me "what is it that you seek?" I replied, "Who are you?" The voice replied, "I Am that I Am." Well, being a church goer and knowing what that meant, I immediately felt very afraid. I was in the presence of what I thought was God.

Could it be? Was I dreaming? What do I do? The voice asked again, "What is it that you seek, my son?" I said, "I want to understand all that there is that you know and all about others in all the universes of time and space. I want to be able to have more senses than I have now and the availability to learn from them and use them to help others." The voice said to me, "If this is what you seek then this is what you will have. But be aware. All will not come at one time. It will take a lifetime to teach you these abilities and things that you seek. But for me to grant you this you must first do something for me." I asked, "What is it that you ask of me?" The voice answered, "Follow your heart based in science, love and brotherhood to all my children. Help others less fortunate, follow the path that is laid out for you by me and you will know what path that is when the time is right."

From that day on until now I have been following that path as closely as any person can. It has shown me great things as well as many great sorrows, but it has also allowed me to see other dimensions, other worlds and other peoples. To learn from them, to understand where we as a people are going and what to expect from now to our end. I was told that this third experience did not happen of my own choosing. It was granted from above. This revelation to me, as I understand it, wasn't to fulfill me but to help all people. Its insights over the years have given me a knowledge in expression to create artwork based on what I see when I remote view. Because of this, my artwork reflects what I have seen and I am very proud to share it with you today and hope that it might trigger an awakening for others to follow.

Matthew D. O'Blenes
July 15th, 2006

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