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Different Alien Beings Behind the Abductions

There are three alien species that we know of that are abducting humans namely; the mantis, the grays and the reptilians. However, before we continue there is something very important that needs to be stated. Not all of these three species are negative. Some of them have chosen to walk in the light.

The following is a general description of the negative abducting alien beings:


The mantises are named after Earth’s preying mantis because of their insect-like appearance.

According to our sources some of the mantis alien race are here experimenting on humans.


The grays are from the Orion system. They are usually between three to five feet tall with a large head and large black eyes. Their lips, nose and ears are not very pronounced. Their bodies are usually very slender with long, thin arms and legs. As far as we know, communication is done telepathically.

Our alien contacts say that as far as the grays are concerned, the grays believe that the planet belongs to them. About 90% of the other alien races are in agreement with the previous statement and respect the grays not because they are positive but because of the power and technology they have. The grays came to planet Earth under the influence of the reptilians in the early 1880’s because the reptilians gave the grays some of their technology in exchange for which the grays agreed to do some work for them.

Most of the grays that are on the planet destroyed their own planet by mismanagement; they are technologically advanced with no spirituality. They are playing God when they create and destroy at will. The abducting grays are creating the alien/human hybrids for several possible scenarios, one being they want an army they can have complete control over. Being half human gives the hybrids the strength and physical stamina that they need to fight… to make war… to take over.


The reptilians are snake-like in appearance. They stand upright between six to eight feet tall. They are varying shades of color from green to tan and have scaly skin. They have yellow to gold eyes with vertical slits like snakes. They are very strong and muscular in stature. The reptilians are physically more powerful than the grays and don’t have as large a presence on Earth; they don’t need to because the grays do most of the dirty work.

According to our contacts the reptilians have been on Earth many times. Their first contact with Earth was 110,000 years ago. They left and came back about 27,000 years ago. They left again because the planet had nothing they could use. They became very interested again with this planet about 10,000 years ago and did stay for a while because the change in life forms on Earth piqued their interest. They stayed for a while and tampered with human’s DNA by inserting their gene in our gene pool, then they left again. There were serious repercussions for mixing the genes of humans and aliens namely; the beginning of negative humans and this made God angry!


The shadow beings are dark shadow like figures that may be seen head on or more commonly through one’s peripheral vision. Shadow beings are shape shifters who do so for deception. They have been known to take the shape of a cat, a huge spider, a streak, a cloud, a ghost-like figure with no neck and a male wearing a cape and a hat with a wide brim and flat crown (Spanish style).

The shadow beings made a pact with the abducting grays and reptilians to work together on this planet. The shadows are the most evil and powerful of the negative beings and they have dominion over all negative aliens. Shadow beings are what is known as demons or devils and are under the command of Satan and Lucifer.

For more information on the shadows refer to the book, “The Secret War – the Heavens Speak of the Battle”, by Heidi Hollis (pages 41 – 57) or visit her web site at:


Satan, who works under Lucifer is a commander of negative entities. He is an adversary to God and Jesus The Christ. His mission on Earth is to deceive and influence souls to fall to the dark side.

Our extraterrestrial contacts use the term satan to describe the negative beings that are working for their own agenda against the forces of light. Their job is to cause chaos, destruction, fear and confusion. They have no qualms about breaking God’s Universal Law of Non-Interference.

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This web site is based on the Booklet

"How to Refuse Alien Abduction"

The Lightside UFO Study Group

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