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"How to Refuse Alien Abduction"
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Glossary of Terms


An individual who is taken against their free-will by negative aliens.

Alien Abduction

The act of taking a person against their free-will; paralyzing them, causing fear and harm, performing painful experiments, not allowing them to remember the actual experience and even implanting devices and memories to block the abductee(s) from remembering.

Alien Contact

A freewill, prearranged meeting(s) with benevolent aliens to bring light back to this planet, an organized mission to help the people of Earth return to the Creator; Contact may be ended by the contactee at anytime


A term sometimes used by abductees; From what we know the Ďambassadorsí believe they have a mission working with the abducting aliens that is not fully disclosed to them.

Bad Alien

An extraterrestrial that chooses service to self rather than service to others and does not follow the rules put in place by the Creator.


A state of being calm, focused and centered in oneís physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being.


An individual that has benevolent contact with aliens


A term sometimes used to blur the definitions of alien abduction and alien contact; this term makes it easier to justify the acceptance of alien abduction.

Good Alien

An extraterrestrial who chooses service to others rather than service to self.


A time of listening to God in order to receive enhanced knowledge, balance, intuition and instruction


A more recent term sometimes used by abductees to fool themselves into believing they are willing participants, in control of the event


The commander of Luciferís forces that have combined to work against the forces of good

Universal Law of Non-Interference

Godís law prohibiting any being from interfering in another beingís freewill choice and their natural course of evolution.

White Light of Protection

The soul essence, Godís light which emanates from the heart when sent out mentally with 100% belief and love, is used for protection against negativity and harm

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This web site is based on the Booklet

"How to Refuse Alien Abduction"

The Lightside UFO Study Group

Refusing Alien Abduction Booklet

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The Lightside UFO Study Group