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Alien Contact Verses Alien Abduction: There is a Difference

In the early years of the UFO phenomenon, the terms alien contact and alien abduction were used separately and distinctly. Through the years, the term alien contactee, which refers to a benevolent experience, and alien abductee, referring to negative experiences, have been replaced by the term experiencer. It does seem suspect that this would occur. By using the word experiencer, there could be less distinction between a positive contact and a negative abduction. Who started this trend or how it began is not important. What is important is that it has happened and we need to be aware of it.

Since the ‘experiencer’ phenomenon, each year we’ve heard different terms used by abductees when they refer to themselves and their experiences with the abducting aliens. One term we have heard used is ‘participant’. Do these people have so much fear that they feel empowered when they say they would participate only on their terms? We don’t understand how these abductees came to the conclusion that by giving in to the abductors they were still free to do it on their terms.

Another term sometimes used by abductees to describe themselves is ‘ambassador’. From what we have heard, the ‘ambassadors’ believe that they have a current and/or future mission with the abducting aliens, part of which is to calm other abductees during an abduction experience.

In talking with abductees over the years, many say that once they get beyond their fear, they feel special or chosen while others feel powerless and hopeless. Discernment needs to come into play in determining whether one is dealing with a negative alien being. The tools for refusing alien abduction that our positive contacts have shared brings hope that the abduction experience can be stopped. The Creator has given everyone the power (through Him) to say “NO” to alien abduction.

Alien Abduction

An alien abduction is the negative act of paralyzing a person and taking them against their free-will; causing fear and harm, performing painful experiments, not allowing some to remember the actual experience and even implanting devices and memories in the abductee to block them from remembering the horrific experience. Many alien abductors tell the abductees that they made an agreement to be taken against their will before they came to this planet. Even if this is true, what they don’t tell abductees is that they have the right to break the agreement and stop what is happening.

Alien Contact

Contact with positive extraterrestrials is a situation wherein an alien and a human agree to work together. The agreement is made before the human comes to this planet. Contact is made for a specific purpose and only when the time is right and the contactee is ready. There is every effort by the positive aliens to avoid causing fear. At no time is the contactee’s free will in jeopardy as the contactee may end this agreement at anytime.

Implants vs. Soul Computers

An implant is a small device inserted into human victims by abducting aliens for the purpose of tracking them and for other possible future purposes that are not fully disclosed. Implants are invasive, because they are inserted without permission and without the person’s knowledge of how to get rid of them. A person cannot say that they do not want the implant if they do not possess the knowledge that they can say no. Usually implants are placed behind the ear or inserted into the nasal cavity, however, an implant may be placed anywhere in the body.

It has been explained to us by our alien contacts that an implant can be dissolved or expelled from the body by using the light of the Creator. The positive aliens have shared with us that, “If you have an implant, you don’t need anyone to remove them for you because you have the ability to make them inactive. All you need is to share your light and love with the implants and they will become inoperable. But if you have one seed of doubt, it will not work since one seed of doubt is like a pinprick in a balloon filled with air.”

The spiritual aliens do not use implants. A soul computer is used with those they are in contact with for the purpose of monitoring the vibration of the human soul. The use of the soul computer is non-invasive, because it is not inserted into the body. It is always used with full disclosure to the contactee and is never used without permission.

By measuring the vibration of a person’s soul, the benevolent aliens can observe your spirituality. A fall in spiritual growth begins in the mind or thinking process. Thinking negatively can make one susceptible to alien abduction. It was explained to us by our contacts that it is wise to continually monitor our thoughts and to not think negative thoughts especially about someone else.

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This web site is based on the Booklet

"How to Refuse Alien Abduction"

The Lightside UFO Study Group

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